Harry Maguire and his pals racked up a £63,000 bar tab before his arrest in Mykonos


Reports continue to emerge following Harry Maguire’s arrest in Greece.

The Manchester United defender spent two nights in jail following after an alleged ‘fight’ with police.

A source from The Sun claims Maguire got angry after police attempted to break up a fight between Maguire and his friends and a group of men who had been mocking the former Leicester player.

"They tried to arrest him and Harry started hitting the police,” the source said.

“They had to call for backup. Two or three more police came but Harry was so strong and upset that they couldn’t pin him down.”

An eyewitness named Kafatos claimed that a group of people mocked Maguire.


“I’m a big football fan and recognised Harry Maguire, who was with a group of friends," Kafatos said.

"They were making a lot of noise and it appeared that they had had a lot to drink.

“Another group of British men started abusing them, saying he was a rubbish footballer and played for a rubbish team. They were also calling him a fridge and I didn't really understand what they meant by that.”

Kafatos added: “Then there was a lot of shouting, swearing and they started fighting. It was a real mess. They were throwing punches, kicking each other and rolling around on the ground before the police came."


British tourist, Sam Moore, added: “This group of British lads were out for trouble and were being really abusive towards Maguire and his club.

"I could hear them singing about the Munich air disaster and saying other vile things.

“You could tell that they wanted to have a punch-up with Maguire.

“I don’t know what football team they supported but they didn’t like Manchester United — that much was obvious.’’


Now, The Sun’s latest report claims Maguire and his pals racked up a £63k bill in just five hours.

That group includes Ross Barkley, Love Island's Chris Hughes, snooker player Judd Trump and Joe Maguire, Harry’s brother who plays for Accrington Stanley.

They “sank bottles of vintage champagne, ­firework-decorated cocktails and spirits.”

It includes:

  • £18,000 bottle of Dom Perignon Brut 2002
  • £17,000 bottle of Armand de ­Brignac Champagne
  • £750 on three bottles of Jack Daniel’s
  • £1,200 of lobster
  • £820 on seven ­ribeye steaks
  • Greek meze platters
  • Wagyu beef rolls

They also hired out sunbeds, which cost more than £2000.

Footballers just live in another world, don’t they?

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