Lionel Messi: Why planes can't fly over Barcelona superstar's Castelldefels property


Lionel Messi looks set to leave behind his life in Barcelona after almost two decades.

Everyone in football had just assumed that Messi would see out his European club career with the Blaugrana, remaining loyal to the side for whom he's played every minute of his professional life.

Messi moved to Catalonia when he was just 13 years old in 2001 and went on to make his debut for the first-team in 2004, thus marking the beginning of a lucrative 16 years at Camp Nou.

Messi leaving Barcelona

Since that fateful day Frank Rijkaard handed Messi his Barcelona bow, the Argentine has become the club's all-time record scorer with 634 goals and has amassed over 700 appearances.

It should come as no surprise then that Barcelona fans around the world were distraught to hear the news that the superstar they had idolised for us so long had submitted a formal transfer request.

And although there's the faintest hope that Messi could commit a U-turn and stay at the club, all roads seem to lead to a reunion with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.


Swapping Barcelona for Manchester

Considering Messi worked alongside Guardiola for four bountiful seasons at Barca and City's style of football suits the 33-year-old down to the ground, it will be seamless move in some respects.

Where swapping Barcelona for City won't be so smooth, though, is in respect to the lifestyle and we don't mean that as a dig against the people of Manchester.

Although, yes, there is form for Argentine players slagging off the north-west city - Angel Di Maria, cough cough - we mean it in terms of Messi having lived in the same place for so long.


No-fly zone

It would be a jarring change in circumstances for the Messi family and The Sun have decided to put the shift into context by analysing what the 33-year-old's inner circle would be leaving behind.

Messi's stunning property is just 12 miles away from Camp Nou and features a small football pitch, swimming pool, indoor gym and playground for his young children.

However, perhaps the most interesting fact about Messi's property is that plane's can't fly over it.


'This doesn’t happen anywhere else'

Yes, you read that right, because the exclusive suburb of Barcelona that Messi lives in, Castelldefels, is actually a no-fly zone, which provides residents with perfect tranquility.

According to Marca, Vueling chief Javier Sanchez-Prieto confirmed that expansions to Barcelona airport have been hampered by Castelldefels' protected status for environmental reasons.

The agitated chief says that the plans can't take place 'because you cannot pass over where Messi lives' and that 'this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world.'


Kissing the property goodbye?

Of course, the no-fly zone hasn't been put in place because of Messi and Messi alone, but it makes sense that the environmental ruling would encourage individuals like the 33-year-old to live there.

However, after the events of Tuesday evening, don't be surprised to see Messi turn his back on that luxury property in Castelldefels and look for the next best thing in the north-west of England.

His flight to Manchester might even have to take a detour... because of his own former house. You couldn't write it.

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