Mayweather vs McGregor: Throwback to the UFC star's tame punch during 2017 showdown


It seems like it was just yesterday that Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather were to square up.

After months of back and forth disses between the two, they were finally going to face each other in a boxing ring.

The press conference tour that would come to an end in London was nothing short of amazing. The disses that we’d seen months before online on social media were now happening in front of our eyes live.

McGregor is a natural born entertainer and there is no denying it. The bloke single-handedly brought a new audience to UFC by how entertaining he is both inside and outside of the Octagon.

When it comes to wars of words, it’s very rare McGregor is left silent and often makes those who try getting the one up on him looking very silly.

The matchup between Mayweather, one of boxing’s greatest ever fighters and McGregor, UFC’s first simultaneous two-weight division title holder, was always going to be one of the most hyped up fights ever.


As it was McGregor stepping into Floyd’s world of boxing, he was always going to be scrutinised by boxing fans for his performance, the same way Floyd probably would by UFC fans if he were ever to step into the Octagon.

However, he hasn’t and probably never will. Meaning for the minute, McGregor is the butt of the joke from this fight.

A clip of the fight has gone viral on Twitter of McGregor throwing a punch at Mayweather during their fight and it doesn’t look great for the Irishman.

We all know that McGregor has real knockout power in his fists, just ask the likes of Jose Aldo. However, this clip makes it look like Conor could’ve done more damage with a pillow.

The UFC star literally taps Mayweather’s face, leaving the boxer unsurprisingly unfazed.

The fight ended in the 10th round, with Mayweather picking up the win by TKO, but respect has to be given to McGregor for going that long against one of boxing’s all-time greats, despite throwing punches like the one in this viral clip.

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