Xbox Series X: The official release price of the next-gen console has been revealed


Xbox have officially announced how much their next-gen console will cost, and fans are bound to be happy.

In what has been a long period of waiting around and constantly checking Microsoft and Xbox websites, they have finally revealed to their fans how much you'll have to shell out if you want to buy the Series X.

Yesterday it emerged that the sister console, the Xbox Series S, will be very affordable at £249, but now we know how much we will have to part ways with if we want the big brother version.

Taking to Twitter, the official Xbox UK account posted the news about both consoles, and in doing so, revealed how much each cost.

They said: "This is the tweet... Xbox Series X: £449 (ERP) Xbox Series S: £249 (ERP) Release date: November 10th. Pre-order starts September 22nd"

So there you have it.

If you are wanting to buy yourself an Xbox Series X, you will be parting ways with £449.

Not half bad that to be honest, with plenty of fans expecting to be spending over £500 for the console.

All eyes will now be on Sony and PlayStation with regards to what they do with their new console, the PlayStation 5.

Will they undercut their closest rivals and go lower? Will they use theirs as a benchmark and go the same? Or will they simply go higher knowing they have the fanbase to do so?

Time will tell.

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