PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Poll reveals more gamers will buy Sony's next-gen console


The next installment of the console wars is about to start between PlayStation and Xbox.

A poll conducted by Ladbible has found that over two thirds of gamers have said they are going to purchase the PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

The poll of 7,500 people by LadBible, a relatively large sample size, has indicated that gamers’ preference is going to be for the Sony model versus their Microsoft counterpart.

The battle between Sony and Microsoft has brewed for many years and both are due to launch their new models within weeks of each other.

Microsoft have announced that the Series X will be available to buy on November 10, as well as a stripped back version called the Series S. Priced at a competitive £449, with the Series S coming in at £249.

The PS5 does not have an official release date yet, but all the indications and rumours surrounding it seem to suggest that it will be around a similar time frame.

For those who are interested in the specifications, ultimately it doesn’t appear that there is much difference between the two consoles.


Xbox and PlayStation are going to feature real time ray tracing - a sophisticated light rendering technique, which has not been seen before in the console world. This has only been visible in high spec gaming PCs previously.

Both Xbox and PlayStation are going to be packed with SSD storage to quicken the load time and help to speed up the overall gameplay.

The shape of both consoles has moved on from their predecessors, however, there is little change in terms of the controllers from either party.

The early indicators, especially from this polling by LadBible, indicate good news for bosses at Sony, but the proof will be in the pudding from the sales figures and also the social media interaction once both consoles are released to the eagerly awaiting public.

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