FIFA 21: First Career Mode gameplay drops and it looks absolutely brilliant

The new Career Mode details look great

FIFA 21 drops in less than three weeks and ahead of launch, gamers finally got the first glimpse of new Career Mode gameplay on Tuesday. 

It's always one of the most eagerly anticipated game modes upon release and this year will be no different, with a number of new features added.  

We're expecting changes to player development, transfers and negotiations, training and a whole new match simulation mechanic that will allow you to jump in and out of games.

Sounds pretty promising, right?

This week, YouTuber MattHDGamer shared a first look at the FIFA 21 Career Mode and we've got to say, it does look very impressive. 

Check out the 51-minute video below:

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, don't worry. We've picked out and explained some of the key features. 

Interactive Match Sim

This is a completely new way to experience Career Mode. In true Football Manager style, you can watch a simulation of the match unfold from a more tactical viewpoint. 

But here's the cool part - you can jump into the actual game at any time and take full control of the players, just like any other match. This is going to be a gamechanger. 

The match sim looks great

Player development 

There's so much more to do in terms of player development this year. The fully revamped development system will help you get the best out of your squad and grow your players.

In each match, players will gain XP that affects their overall and attribute ratings.

Much like in real life, the speed at which stars develop depends on their age, abilities, potential, form, and playtime. Oh, and you can convert players position too, which is very cool.

Players now develop in a new way


Training has been completely overhauled too. The new 'Active Training system' introduces the concept of a training day which can take place at any time except for match day.

Each training day will feature three distinct training session slots, each focusing on a specific drill and specific players. Unlike last year, you can train multiple players during one drill.

Every session consists of diverse drills and various scenarios focused on improving a specific area of the game: defence, passing, dribbling, shooting or set pieces.

Training has improved

Player sharpness 

Sharpness is an all-new indicator that helps indicate how ready a player or a team is for a match. Sharp players will have their main attributes boosted and will perform better during games.

The sharpness ranges from 0-100 and low ratings (under 50) will decrease a player's attributes. 

Sharpness affects overall

Transfers and negotiations 

Finally, there's been some changes to transfers and negotiations too. In FIFA 21 'strict negotiations' now exist in the set-up. 

If you choose that option, certain moves will be near impossible. (If you choose the 'loose' option, none of the examples below will apply.)

Clubs won't be interested in taking offers from rivals, players won't be interested to move to a lower-ranked league and those with the One Club Player trait won't transfer at all. 

Negotiations have been overhauled

That all sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? Roll on the release of FIFA 21! 

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