Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Conor Benn thinks YouTuber needs just one punch


It seems as though YouTuber Logan Paul is aiming to take some time out of his vlogging to take part in an exhibition boxing fight against none other than Floyd Mayweather.

Well, that's what the rumour mill is saying, and since the initial gossip started, there's been plenty of reaction since.

A Fight Night simulation of the bout and one boxing fan even highlight a Mayweather vulnerability that Paul could exploit.

Despite it being a possible exhibition bout, talk is still as rife and competitive as ever!

Paul, at the age of 25, hasn’t taken to the ring in a professional fight since his one and only defeat to fellow YouTuber KSI in their fight back in 2019. 

But losing that fight hasn’t deterred him from possibly going up against Mayweather, and it seems that other boxers are taking notice of it.

British boxer Conor Benn has had his say in this potential fight, and says it would be a “shock win” for Paul if he was to pull it off with a “one shot” knockout.

However, speaking to iFL TV, Benn did say that it could only take one shot from Paul to defeat Mayweather... no, seriously.

"Maybe I am not joking, Maybe I think Logan Paul will beat him.

"What if he does? I mean, what if he does? What if it's one shot that lands?

"50 fights... All he needs is one shot of Logan. All Logan has to do is land one on him. Just one."

Rumours circulating recently suggest that talks between both Paul's and Mayweather’s camp have taken place about this exhibition fight.


And one boxing fan account on social media has already suggested that Paul could beat Mayweather if he takes advantage of the 'vulnerabilities' he has, the ones that were exposed by Conor McGregor back in 2017.

If Logan Paul manages to gain a boxing license to be able to fight Mayweather, we could be in for a shock if he manages to land that one knockout blow, but undefeated in 50 for Mayweather, it could be a case that the YouTuber should stick to his day job!

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