Man Utd fan has defended Harry Maguire after his leadership was questioned vs Tottenham


Harry Maguire came under fire for his performance against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday.

Serious questions have been asked about the Manchester United captain in recent months and there's no denying that his world-record fee for a defender is beginning to look suspect.

It's becoming painful to see how often the England international is being accused of comedy defending with fans citing everything from 'marking his own player' to 'no-look defending'.

Maguire criticised vs Tottenham

Social media being the cruel place that is, some of those claims are better founded than others, but it's pretty hard to defend Maguire for his role in Tottenham's equaliser.

You have to fear that Maguire's mistake, which ultimately led to Tanguy Ndombele bundling the ball home, set the wheels in motion for United's joint-worst defeat of the Premier League era.

The former Leicester City man failed to head the ball clear on two occasions, before seemingly pulling down his own player, Luke Shaw, to pave the way for Ndombele to get his shot away.


Did Maguire show poor leadership?

However, the criticism didn't end there because not only did Maguire have his defensive qualities questioned, but his status as United captain was also challenged in the aftermath.

The grievances regarded Maguire's reaction to Anthony Martial controversially being sent off for violent conduct after an engagement with Erik Lamela when United were only 2-1 down.

Firstly, images emerged on Twitter showing Maguire standing with his hands on his hips as the drama unfolded, leading many people to think that he didn't even challenge the decision.

Secondly, footage from the game showed Maguire going along with the decision for Martial to be dismissed while Marcus Rashford continued to verbally contest it with the referee. 

The full story revealed

They are, it must be said, two responses ill-fitting of a United captain, but it seems as though we don't have the full story here because a viral tweet on Wednesday set out an interesting point.

Twitter user and United fan @utdarena sought to set the record straight by revealing screenshots that showed Maguire did indeed back up his teammate when the madness first transpired.

Check out the tweet down below to see exactly why the 'narrative' surrounding Maguire has been branded as a 'lie':

GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

At the end of the day, Maguire probably just wanted to get on with the game by the time Rashford disagreed with him in the viral video.

The new screenshots prove that Maguire did indeed fight his team's corner in the first place and only appeared consigned to defeat when, well, the decision was already final.

By the time the VAR checks were completed, protesting any further wouldn't have achieved anything and that's clearly how Maguire saw the situation.


You could even argue that shows strong leadership by way of him trying to gear up his teammates to accept the scenario from which they can't liberate themselves and adapt as soon as possible.

Besides, you could argue that failing to wrap their heads around Martial being given his marching orders contributed to them conceding the third Spurs goal as quickly as they did.

That's not to say that Maguire is the second coming of Roy Keane, far from it, but let's slow down a little bit with the criticism of his leadership.

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