Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid: Which Champions League club has the best home kit?


The 2020/21 Champions League is just over a week away.

Sure, the new campaign might have been well underway for a month now, but you know the season has truly commenced when the Champions League proper cranks into gear with the group stages.

Naturally, there is so much quality in amongst Europe's biggest clubs that the draw in Switzerland threw up some intriguing clashes that will unfold across the continent before the year is out.

2020/21 Champions League 

We'll be hoping for more Manchester United vs Paris Saint-Germain drama, Real Madrid vs Inter Milan could be barnstormer and Barcelona vs Juventus will reunite Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Excited now? Well, hold on to that anticipation tightly, because we're about to get you into the Champions League mood even more by sizing up how the teams will look in 2020/21.

Yes, we are indeed talking about their kits. It wouldn't be the dawn of a new Champions League season if we didn't rank all 32 teams' jerseys for 2020/21 from the very worst to the very best.


Ranking Champions League home kits

We're starting with the home kits this week to see which sports companies have been the most faithful to club traditions and which have really dropped the ball with their latest designs.

So, without further ado, check out the good, the bad and the ugly of the home kits you'll be seeing in the Champions League this season:

32. Zenit St. Petersburg


You know those Year 6 discos where somebody would wear that black shirt with fire coming up the sides, this is exactly what would happen if you converted that monstrosity into a Zenit jersey.

It honestly looks as though Nike, despite having a great colour scheme and sponsor at their disposal, decided to test what would happen if a football kit collided with a s*** shirt.


31. Olympiacos

No, no, no, no, no, no. It's almost as though Olympiacos couldn't settle on a new design for the 2020/21 season so they decided to pick them all at once for this absolute fashion monstrosity.

We've got the all-red shouldering, the red and white stripes, the grill-like fading on the chest, the cream stripes down the side and the first of many rubbish-looking sponsors. What a mess.


30. Istanbul Başakşehir

For starters, the shade of orange is hardly easy on the eye and we're certainly not fans of the subtle texturing, but I'm sorry Başakşehir fans, it's the Call of Duty-looking badge that really puts me off this design.


29. Krasnodar

Oh dear lord. This can only be described as a pile of Rubiks cube being dropped in stagnant pond water, while the club badge is chaotically busy and the sponsor looks like something from your iPhone settings.


28. Ferencváros

There's just so much going on here. This jersey is having an identity crisis about whether it wants to be green and black stripes, a Bayern Munich strip or something out of a Robin Hood movie.


27. Manchester City

I really want to like this one and I know that a lot of people do, but I can't help feeling as though the kit designer got their car windshield smashed in and had a moment of inspiring looking at the damage.

I've got to applaud Puma for trying something new and credit to them for not half-arsing such a bold design, but it was only with the away kit, for me, that they perfectly balanced originality with class.


26. Lokomotiv Moscow

I feel pretty harsh driving the knife into Lokomotiv's home kit because their traditional hues of green and red mean they're backs are against the wall before they've even started. It's not for me.


25. Manchester United

Ah, the infamous bus seat. The only saving grace for United is that their original, leaked design, which looked fresh out of Stagecoach, appeared to be mitigated by toning down the texture.

It certainly makes the kit a little easier on the eyes, but we're ranking it pretty low for a lack of originality and the fact the players, for whatever reason, look so uncomfortable wearing it.


24. Shakhtar Donetsk

If you've been a regular reader of these kit rankings, then you'll know that I have a long-term feud with 'Pari Match'. I'm sure they're a great company, but their logo looks so naff on football shirts.

It's a real shame because there's actually a lot to like about this Galatasaray effort from Nike, especially that bold dividing line in the centre, but the sponsor couldn't look anymore cartoonish.


23. Juventus

As much as I love the logos glistening in gold, this jersey looks as though somebody has taken a lovely, all-white design and messily drawn awful black stripes down it with fading felt-tip pens.

The additional scratchings of gold on the sides are also completely ill-fitting with the rest of the shirt even if you don't mind the pencil-like stripes. Yet another naff kit for Cristiano Ronaldo to wear.


22. Atalanta

To tell you the truth, Atalanta kits can only look so bad when their thin black and blue stripes pertain to classiness, but there's just something about their 2020/21 release that looks so plain and cheap.


21. Sevilla

I dare say that Sevilla kits have a reputation for being, well, boring as heck and at least the latest design from Nike has more character than the plain white strip that brought Europa League glory.

The diagonal, off-white stripes are a nice little addition and the red collar is pretty unique, but there's nothing about it that makes me want to open my wallet and grab it off the shelves.


20. Club Brugge

It's just a slightly better version of the Atalanta jersey from where I'm sat, to be honest. There's a little more personality with the collar and black sleeves, but hardly anything to write home about.


19. Lazio

I'm sort of shrugging my shoulders on this one. I know it's classically Lazio, black and gold is always a staple and there's no sponsor to boot but, for whatever reason, it doesn't even really look like a football kit to me. 


18. RB Leipzig

It's sort of sad that a team which pushed the boat out so, so far with its wild and wacky alternate jerseys has one of the most vanilla home kits about. There's nothing we love nor hate about it.


17. Borussia Dortmund

For the most part, it's actually a shame that BVB have a special European kit because this is yet another example of it being worse than the home strip they don in domestic matches.

The template is a pretty smart effort from Puma with a nice collar and subtle shoulder logos, but I can't make sense of the bizarre decision to airdrop faded squares in the most random positions.


16. Inter Milan

I keep changing my mind on this Inter kit on a daily basis, so placing it round about the middle only seemed like the right thing to do. Is it brilliant or is it terrible? I still don't know the answer.

One minute the decision to convert Inter's classic stripes into zig-zags feels like an inspired design decision, but the next minute it feels as though their footballing tradition has been vandalised.


15. Atletico Madrid

I know there are plenty of ardent fans of this jersey and although I see no reason to hate it, I don't think for one minute that it should be considered amongst the Champions League's finest kits.

The blue collar is pretty inoffensive, although it does give me darts jersey vibes, while the smudged stripes leave me nonplussed and there's way too much going on with the main sponsor.


14. Midtjylland

One of the biggest shames on the list because if it wasn't for the wordy sponsor and additional logo above the Nike tick, this would probably have thrust itself right into the top ten.

The translucent red sash across the black background - always a winner when it comes to football kits - is a design masterclass that compliments the club badge perfectly. So close to perfection...


13. Red Bull Salzburg

A little like the Atletico kit, I have mixed feelings about the collar situation, but this smorgasbord of red hues makes for a vibrant design and really plays to the strengths of the imposing 'Red Bull' logo.


12. Borussia Monchengladbach


Ok, now that steam has ceased to emanate from my ears, I can slowly forgive the fact that one of the most underrated kits on the list has been side-swiped by the sponsor writing their life story all over it.


11. Marseille

You might think that I would begin a tirade against the 'Uber Eats' logo here, but I actually think it sits pretty nicely on one of the classiest, albeit a little inventive, of the new Champions League kits.


10. Bayern Munich

Maybe we've been generous here because, well, there's not too much going on with this Adidas release, but it just screams Bayern in the best possible way with the popping combination of red and white.

We're massive fans of the stripes down the side of the body, there's no obnoxious texturing like there was last season and T-Mobile makes for one of the classiest club-sponsor collaborations.


9. Paris Saint-Germain

A perfect example of a club's colour scheme being something of a cheat code and you can't fault Nike for smartness with those brilliant white veins rounding off every part of the jersey perfectly.

You can probably guess what my one complaint is, can't you? Not only is the sponsor too wordy, but it really interrupts a pattern that would easily have earned PSG a place in the top five.


8. Chelsea

There's a lot to like about Chelsea's home strip with the two shades of blue shaking hands pretty smartly and I don't hate the '3' logo as much as most. It just doesn't quite do enough to enter the highest tiers.


7. Real Madrid

On paper, adding pink to one of the most iconic jerseys in sporting history would not only sound like a recipe for disaster, but would also fee like sacrilege against FIFA's Club of the Century.

So, I can't help applauding Adidas for miraculously pulling off the impossible and I'm an absolute sucker for the sporting giant's return to the classic shoulder templates of their 1990s releases.


6. FC Porto

I'll happily admit that the sponsors look like a child has been making art out of pasta, but there's something about the yellow trimmings on this smart New Balance design that makes it shimmer.

You can't go wrong with Porto's iconic blue and white stripes, so the decision to let them take centre stage without any unnecessary twists, templates or textures makes this an instant winner for me.


5. Dynamo Kyiv

The most underrated Champions League kit of the season comes fresh from Ukraine with this ice cool combination of blue shades that blends majestically with the badge and national flag.

The lovely addition of turquoise spikes coming in from the side and the subtle white trimming on the sleeves mean that New Balance more than deserve their second top 10 placing in a row.


4. Rennes

Oh mama. Rennes have pulled off the finest texturing of all the Champions League clubs with this stunning, mosaic-like pattern that looks like an absolute masterpiece amongst the red and black.

It's just that, if we're being really, really picky, the sponsor is so gigantic that it covers up more of that gorgeous design work than we'd prefer.


3. Liverpool

There's something about the addition of teal that brings back memories of Liverpool's greatest ever kits, particularly from the 1990s, so it's brilliant to see Nike wheeling it back out after so long.

And it proves the cherry on top for what is a truly classy and smart template that really makes the Anfield side's enigmatic shades of red and white fizzle on the fibres. 


2. Ajax

I know what you're thinking: isn't this the same as every Ajax kit ever? Well, guilty as charged, that's a massive reason why we can't help loving it, but Adidas have made the perfect addition.

The aforementioned 1990s shoulder template elevates this Ajax release to my God tier, while the sharply-assembled collar and beautifully red-banded sleeves complete this gorgeous ensemble.


1. Barcelona

Oh you beauty. Is it a little bit soon to be riffing on a 2010 kit? Probably, but when you've taken said jersey and made it even better, then we're willing to forgive Nike and give them a round of applause.

Seeing the classic colours of Barcelona hugged and caressed with that gorgeous shade of yellow is simply perfection, making for a distillation of the club badge itself and the number one kit of all.


GIVEMESPORT's Kobe Tong says

Ok, ok, ok, I can hear the cries of 'boring' from here.

We'll touch on the weirder and whackier world of away kits very soon, but when it comes to home jerseys, the best are often those that gently riff on what has worked for so many years.

The simple fact of the matter is that Nike, Adidas, Puma and co are contending with decades of history when they're putting their pencils and stencils to iconic designs loved by millions.


And with nostalgia being the 'Soup of the Day' in footballing fashion right now, it's no secret that kit designs that keep it simple and tip their hat to past releases are the ones that pop the most.

So, yes, rewarding Barcelona, Ajax and Liverpool the most is hardly us parading around the virtues of off-piste fashion, but I take no shame in saying they're the Champions League's very best.

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