Premier League news: How will your club vote on 'Project Big Picture'?

  • Kat Lucas

The coming days could be decisive as Liverpool and Manchester United put 'Project Big Picture' to the rest of the Premier League. 

The champions are spearheading plans to completely revolutionise English football and ultimately hand more power to the established 'big six'. 

In return, top flight clubs would offer £250 million to help save Football League clubs, as well as handing over 25% of future TV money to the lower leagues. 

Here are the key proposals again: 

  • The Premier League would be cut from 20 to 18 clubs, with the 16th-placed side going into a play-off with teams from the Championship. 
  • The League Cup and Community Shield would be scrapped. 
  • Parachute payments would also be scrapped. 
  • Crucially, nine clubs would be given 'special voting rights', doing away with the current 'one club, one vote' system. 

The latter has particularly scandalised supporters and officials alike, with even Prime Minister Boris Johnson warning such a system would "undermine the trust in football's governance", via BBC. 

The nine clubs wielding power would be those who have served the longest in the top flight. It includes the established big six - Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur - as well as Everton, Southampton and West Ham. 


Yet while the proposals are enjoying almost universal support from the lower leagues, the majority of top-flight clubs appear sceptical. 

On Wednesday, representatives will meet to have their say on the controversial shake-up. Per The Telegraph, BBC Sport and the Daily Mail, here's how they are expected to vote - if the governing body even allow the process to get that far amidst furious opposition. 

Liverpool - FOR 

Manchester United - FOR 

Arsenal - UNDECIDED 

Leeds - AGAINST 

West Ham - AGAINST 

Crystal Palace - AGAINST 

Brighton - AGAINST 

West Brom - AGAINST 

Burnley - AGAINST 

Sheffield United - AGAINST 

Fulham - AGAINST 

Wolves - UNCLEAR




Everton - UNCLEAR 

Aston Villa - AGAINST 

Leicester City - AGAINST 

Even some who would supposedly benefit are against the radical changes.

According to The Guardian, West Ham are "appalled" by the idea despite the fact they would be among the nine clubs with voting power.


The Hammers board have serious concerns, among them the financial hit from losing two home games a season. 

Under the current rules, the proposal - which was initiated by Liverpool owners FSG and supported by United's Glazer family - would need to be approved by 14 clubs.

In fact, the Telegraph states that the plan may already be "dead in the water".

It just goes to show how important that 'one club, one vote' rule is - and why it should be clung to at all costs.

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