WWE news: Paul Heyman blasts The Rock - claims he's the one 'calling out Roman Reigns'

The Rock and Reigns could meet at WrestleMania

Speculation that The Rock could return to WWE for a box office bout with Roman Reigns just won't go away.

There's a genuine feeling that a storyline could culminate at WrestleMania 37 and act as a passing of the torch from pro-wrestling's greatest legend to the future of the business. 

It looks like the seeds are already being planted too. Reigns is currently feuding with his real-life cousin Jey Uso and this 'family' angle is far from done.

All signs point to WrestleMania and an earth-shattering bout with The Rock. 

But this week, Paul Heyman has made one thing clear. Roman is not the one looking for this fight... but 'The Great One' is.

When asked by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani about the possibility of the pair stepping in the ring, WWE's advocate claimed that The Rock has been calling out Reigns - not the other way around.  

"Oh, I am sure Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson sure hopes [this is leading to a match]. Let’s examine this from a realistic point of view," Heyman began.

Rock and Roman could go 1v1 in WWE

"Roman Reigns never mentioned Dwayne Johnson’s name. Paul Heyman never mentioned Dwayne Johnson’s name.

"So, you can’t categorize this as the biggest star on Fox Network, let alone the biggest star on SmackDown, let alone the biggest star in WWE looking to call out a bigger star.

"We never mentioned Dwayne Johnson’s name. The Rock mentioned Roman Reigns’ name. The Rock called out Roman Reigns. 

Heyman claims The Rock called out Roman Reigns

"The Rock is positioning himself to get the celebrity rub off of Roman Reigns. You know what? God bless The Rock for doing it, he’s always thinking box office."

Even when he's not in front of the camera, Heyman still cuts a mean promo and he's managed to get us very excited for a match that might not even happen!

Your move, Dwayne. 

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