FIFA 21: Twitch streamer gets serious rage after conceding 'sweaty goal'


Footage of a Polish streamer called Kamyk has recently been shared on social media showing him crushing his controller into pieces after conceding a ‘sweaty goal’ on FIFA 21.

Ansu Fati scored the ‘sweaty goal' that caused Kamyk to go 2-1 behind, and this fatal incident proved the final straw for the Polish gamer and his rather unfortunate controller.

A ‘sweaty goal’, for those who are unaware, is term for a person who dribbles to the byline or near post as close as possible until the 'keeper rushes out. The player will then perform the ‘sweaty action’ of either passing or crossing the ball to a teammate across goal, who can then finish into an open net.

Indeed, Kamyk is not the first player to have shown his frustration regarding this as gamers have for a while insisted that scripting in FIFA exists.

This has repeatedly sparked fierce debates on social media. Fans claim that EA Sports have added the line of coding in to ensure that games do not become too one sided. This, however, has been repeatedly denied by producers.

Despite EA Sports denying the existence of scripting, frustration of fans has already been demonstrated by tanking FIFA 21’s Metacritic score on the PS4 version of the title.

This is despite the new addition to the franchise including a number of popular features and improvements.

Football fans have also taken to Twitter, with one saying: “FIFA 21 has the worst has the worst scripting in years.”

While another said: “FIFA 21 still got scripting, rebounds falling to opponents, last min goals, defenders moving…”

Finally, someone else said: “So EA scripting still exist and FIFA 21 is worse than 20 defenders now don’t tackle at all EA it’s really pathetic, what a waste of money.”

Let us know your thoughts on whether or not you are enjoying FIFA 21 this year…

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