Call of Duty: Warzone: Zombies Royale mode coming soon


Call of Duty: Warzone is celebrating Halloween with a big in-game event that features zombies in Verdansk.

The American game publishers Activision finally confirmed the release in last night’s trailer dubbed ‘The Haunting of Verdansk’.

This will mean changes to both Warzone and Modern Warfare.

The limited-time available Zombie Royale mode will enable players to dress up as characters from terrifying horror movies such as Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Haunting of Verdansk went live at 10am on October 20 and is ending on November 3. This ensures gamers two weeks of zombie frights and horrors.

The mode allows players to finally live out their fantasy of being a zombie or play as the sinister puppet villain from the movie franchise Saw.

While playing as a zombie, you are unable to use weapons, but will be more agile, do melee damage and have thermal vision.

When asked about the new Verdansk mulitplayer feature, Activision explained: “When a player is killed, they drop a syringe that shows up on the map.

“Collect two of these Syringes as a Zombie and you’ll parachute back in with your load out on your Squad for a second chance!

“The last squad standing with a surviving Operator wins, even if the rest of the squad has turned un-dead.”

There is also the added excitement of being able to spend matches looking for Trick or Treat supply boxes, which contain items like gun charms and calling cards. Locating all 16 will give you the Pumpkin Punisher legendary assault rifle skin.

In addition to the new Zombie Royale, there will be the inclusion of one or two other modes.

These consist of a Night Mode in the standard Battle Royale action mode, while Modern Warfare gamers will be able to enjoy Onslaughter. This allows players to work together to wrest control of a Juggernaut suit.

In short, there is plenty to keep gamers and fans of the Call of Duty franchise suitably terrified this Halloween!

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