Neymar: 'Aston Villa wouldn't swap Brazilian for star player - no big Premier League club would'

Neymar wouldn't cut it in the Premier League

Neymar failed to showcase his class against Manchester United on Tuesday night. 

The Brazilian superstar was expected to light up the pitch as the Premier League side visited PSG, but it simply didn't happen. 

In fact, it was United - inspired by their youngster Marcus Rashford - who won the game late on. 

A 2-1 defeat at Le Parc des Princes would certainly have come as a shock to many PSG stars. 

But one pundit who was far from surprised about Neymar's latest disappointing evening on the big stage was Andy Goldstein. 

The radio host has made a massive claim about the world's most expensive player, suggesting Aston Villa fans - and supporters of many other Premier League teams - wouldn't want to swap him for their star man. 

Would PL clubs want to sign Neymar?

"I've done many a show with Jason Cundy who has poo-pooed Neymar, and I always thought he was being a bit harsh," Goldstein said on talkSPORT.

"But, in a big game and a big chance for him to prove himself against Man United, he was useless. Absolutely useless!

"I keep sticking up for Neymar because I know there's something there, but I'm still waiting to see him grab a game by the throat and do something.

Neymar struggled vs Man Utd

"Then I was thinking about all the sides in the Premier League that play with a player like that on the left-wing, and I don't think there are too many that would swap their player for Neymar. I'm serious!"

Goldstein then went on to list the clubs that wouldn't want to trade their left-wingers for Neymar and named Villa as one of them.  

"Would Liverpool swap Sadio Mane for Neymar? No! Would Man City Raheem Sterling for him? No, it wouldn't happen," he continued.

Goldstein rates Mane over Neymar

"Would Arsenal rather have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Neymar? I'm telling you now, Spurs fans would rather keep Heung-min Son than swap him for Neymar.

"Manchester United would rather keep Marcus Rashford; for what he offers the team for 90 minutes every single game, I'd have Rashford over Neymar.

"And Chelsea fans? They'd probably rather keep Christian Pulisic.

Chelsea would rather keep Pulisic

"And I'll throw this one out there as well: I guarantee you, GUARANTEE YOU, every Aston Villa fan would rather have Jack Grealish than Neymar in that side.

"I'll tell you why, because Aston Villa will get everything from Jack Grealish. If you're 2-0 down and you've got Neymar in your side, he's gone missing."

Grealish over Neymar apparently

That's one huge claim. But after Neymar's display on Tuesday, there might be just a few football fans agreeing with Goldstein.

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