FIFA 21 Ultimate Team: Tottenham's Harry Kane handed ridiculous new 91-rated card

Harry Kane has been rewarded with a new card on FIFA 21

For years, Harry Kane has been far from a go-to striker on FIFA.

The best players on the famous franchise are nearly always those blessed with almost superhuman pace, like Kylian Mbappe and Marcus Rashford.

As such, players like Kane - who often have the best shooting and physical stats - are ignored by the majority and it really is a crying shame.

On FIFA 21, taller, bulkier strikers are more effective than on FIFA 20, mainly down to the fact that players in-game are actually capable of winning and scoring headers in the box.

However, Kane has still been far from a regular on Ultimate Team, but that could all be about to change after EA Sports dropped the first team of 'Rulebreaker' cards at 6pm today.

Kane in action vs West Ham

You can view the entirety of 'Team 1' below, with Kane's new 91-rated card easily the most eye-catching in the XI.

Five of Kane's six base stats are now rated at 85 or above, with the English striker's latest card possessing 90 acceleration and 92 sprint speed - absolute scenes.

His overall pace has increased from 68 to 91 and you can view all of the in-game stats for Kane's 'Rulebreaker' card below, per FUTHead.

Kane's 91-rated card Kane's in-game stats

When questioned about his 88-rated base card, Kane previously said: "Hmm... 68 pace is a bit harsh!"

Well Harry, 91 certainly isn't harsh and you're now one of the most complete strikers the FIFA franchise has ever seen.

The only downside is that Kane's new card is going to cost an arm and a leg to buy on the transfer market.

But if you're one of those few players with millions in the bank, then buying Kane simply has to be your number one priority over the weekend.

Forget Mbappe, Rashford, Cristiano Ronaldo and Timo Werner, it's all about 'Rulebreaker' Kane!

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