FIFA: 33% of players admit their day is ruined if they lose a game


The former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly once famously said: "Some people believe football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that."

In the case of a game of FIFA, it might not quite be on that scale, but incredibly, 33% of people have said that losing a game to a friend would ruin their day.

It must be said that emotions run high during a tense FIFA game and the pain of a last-minute goal conceded to your mate or a fellow gamer, it does not get much worse.

Or if you have had a terrible game, the indignation of having to write your fellow player a public letter of apology for how bad you have played.

A study released recently from survey company from Censuwide saw them take a representative sample of 1,001 UK adults who play FIFA at least once per week.

The results were fascinating and provided some amusing insights regarding gamers and their love-hate relationship with FIFA.

As well as the remarkable stats around how FIFA changes many people’s mood for the day, the research also illustrated that almost three quarters (71 per cent) of gaming Brits admit that playing FIFA with friends is their most common method of socialising.


Trips to the pub or an actual kick about with your friends are far lower on the list of priorities for these people surveyed than playing FIFA.

In what has been dubbed by some as "FIFA and chill", these sessions offer a form of escapism from the pressures of real life and regular conversations between players include focus on family life (32 per cent), relationship advice (24 per cent) and mental health (20 per cent).

Seasoned players of the game know that it is always more fun to have more than just pride on the game and over a quarter of the people surveyed (27 per cent) professed to being involved in some infamous FIFA forfeits over the years.

The top 10 has been released and none of them are enjoyable, thus making the stakes on the game even higher.

1. Eating a very hot chilli

2. Drinking a shot

3. Running down the street naked

4. Publishing a public apology on social media


5. Allow one of their friends to send a text from their phone

6. Dress up in a funny outfit for the next game

7. Doing household chores for the week

8. Shaving off their hair

9. Doing pushups

10. Having a bucket of ice water poured on their head

With FIFA 21 recently being released and the new next-gen consoles not far away, the popularity of FIFA and the activities that accompany it are not going away any time soon.

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