Premier League: Everton, Aston Villa and Leeds have found their rhythm amid backdrop of silence


The old adage that anyone could beat anyone in the Premier League was never really true.

While we may have had a greater concentration of super-clubs on these shores compared to other European leagues which thereby gave us more outfits capable of winning the league to keep things fresh, the gulf in quality between the top sides and the chasing pack has always been prevalent.

Think of the top four era which saw Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal interchange with only really the first two winning the top prize once the Blues were able to translate their investment into silverware.

Apart from this season. This weird, weird season.

For the first time in the history of the competition, since football started as many people think us millennials believe, every single team has lost at least once in their first six games.

Even despite the relative paucity of goals in the weekend just gone and the fact Carlo Ancelotti and Dean Smith have seen their otherwise perfect records ruined, it's the teams below even them who are impressing, not the ones we’d usually expect.

All it took was a pandemic the likes of which most living people had not seen before, blocking fans from stadiums and messing up the footballing calendar in a way only world wars have.

With the Premier League losing its lifeblood and noise while two of its biggest clubs seemingly do their best to make a Faustian pact with their continental counterparts to never return to their humanly bodies as we know them, finally some genuine excitement has set in.

Whatever the real reason behind the bizarre start to the campaign is, like so many things in the new normal era, unclear.

Away from the stats and a more simple explanation, it seems all it took was the loss of its soul to find a rhythm an awful lot of fans outside the established top six can dance to.

Sure, we’ve had the Leicester City story but that was one team. This season, Everton, Aston Villa, Leeds and even Southampton look genuine, albeit early, threats.

Making predictions about how the season may pan out is not overly helpful. Frankly, none of us - no matter how esteemed the maker may be - have been in this position before.

However, what does loom over us is an eventual return to the norm. The biggest teams in the world simply have some of the best squads ever assembled and the nature of league competition - where those with the greatest available options usually win - tends to throw up few surprises.

Hopefully for the neutral, that return is reasonably far away but to suggest it won’t happen at all seems about the safest and most boring half-prediction one can make.

So, let’s enjoy a Premier League table that looks like something out of the 1920s. Let’s enjoy the goals. Let’s enjoy the freakish nature of it all.

The sound of silence has given us a rhythm to dance to.

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