FIFA 21: How to score every penalty you take


Penalty kicks are a crucial skill to master in FIFA 21.

Whether it is a spot kick awarded during 90 minutes or the decisive penalty in a shootout, having the ability to slot the ball home from 12 yards can, at times, prove vital to success.

Thankfully for FIFA players struggling for consistency in this area of the game, YouTuber NFG Cosmin has released a video tutorial breaking down how to score every penalty you take.

The best thing about it? It doesn't even seem that tricky to do!

How to score every penalty you take on FIFA 21

The first point that Cosmin highlights in his video is the importance of a fully functional controller. For this method to work successfully, players will need to keep the target perfectly still. This will be tough to do if the left stick on your controller has seen better days!

According to Cosmin, the best place to aim all penalties is the top right corner. The next step in executing a perfect penalty is to perform a chip shot - with no more than one bar of power behind it.

At this point, you need to be sure to time your finish. As your penalty taker strides up to hit the ball, press the shot button again. If everything has worked correctly, the target should ideally turn green.

The resulting penalty will then loop over the goalkeeper in a most satisfying fashion - even if they have guessed right with their dive. This will work every time you take a penalty, thanks to a glitch within FIFA 21.

There is, though, a counter to this method if you ever fear it is being used against you by a friend or an opponent online.

Cosmin explains how to defend against the glitch in his video, and it all starts by monitoring the direction that your opponent's player's head is facing. 

The penalty taker will always move their head in the direction that they are going to aim their shot. To prevent a successful spot kick, you need to move your goalkeeper as close as possible to the side that your opponent is focusing on.


Once your shot shopper is on the correct side of the goal, you should then dive when the penalty is taken. This will allow your goalkeeper to make a save and deny the glitch.

As with many skills on FIFA 21, mastering these penalty techniques may take a little practice, but they are a key weapon for players to have in their arsenal.

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