PlayStation 5: A thread of how big the PS5 is emerges on Twitter


As the global release of Sony’s highly anticipated console looms closer, we’re now getting a better idea of how large the actual machinery is.

Almost seven years since the PS4 dropped, the PS5 will release in the UK on November 19, but some lucky fans have already got their hands on the console.

With that, users have gone ahead and uploaded unboxing content to the internet, giving potential buyers an in-depth look at the console’s appearance.

One of the biggest surprises so far has been the size of the machinery, with many users calling the console absolutely massive.

Canadian video game journalist Geoff Keighley confirmed the console weighs 14.7lbs in the box. To put that into perspective, a medium bowling ball and an average house cat weigh about 10lbs each.

As the PS5’s size continues to spark discussion online, Mark Serrels, the editorial director at CNET, took to Twitter to compare the PS5 to other random household objects.

Serrels starts his comical thread by placing a Nintendo Switch next to the PS5, and my oh my does it truly highlight the sheer massiveness of Sony’s latest release.

From there, the objects become more and more obscure, as Serrels compares the PS5 to some of his other belongings, including a thermomix, a kettle, a box of porridge, Monopoly Deal and a T-Rex action figure.

He even showcases the PS5’s absurd size by comparing it to some tiny objects he found, including an apple and even a cherry tomato. Serrels also puts the console next to some larger objects like his wife’s gigantic house plant and even a rock climbing wall.

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The fact that the console is almost as tall as the plant pot might make potential buyers ready to think about rearranging their entire set up once they get their massive package in the mail.

It’s the biggest console in history, but is that really going to stop you from buying it?

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