GTA Vice City is celebrating its 18-year anniversary


The year is 2004.

You rush home from school, load up GTA Vice City and start cruising down Ocean Drive with that banging 80's soundtrack blaring out from your newly-stolen Cheetah.
Life was good.

Vice City was nothing short of a generation-defining game and to this day enjoys a massive cult following.

While it feels like just yesterday that we were raiding Diaz’s mansion with the help of our ‘buddy’ Lance Vance, the news that the iconic game has just turned 18 will come as a sobering reminder of how old we all are.

Still, that won’t stop us reminiscing about a game that provided thousands of hours of unadulterated fun, long before any of us was ever old enough to satisfy the 18 plus rating.

The storyline follows Tommy Vercetti, who is left with nothing after a drug deal goes horribly wrong at the beginning of the game.

From then on in, you spend your time trying to make a name for yourself amongst the biggest swindlers and gangsters in the city.

The missions, while some of them pure genius, were by no means a given, and were very rarely completed on the first try.

Gamers still have nightmares about the notorious ‘Demolition Man’ in which the player takes control of a remote control helicopter, using it to plant explosives in an unfinished skyscraper.


However, the game was still incredibly fun even if you weren’t partaking in the main storyline.

Being able to explore what was, at the time, a vast open-world environment was incredibly entertaining, especially when you add the aforementioned soundtrack into the equation.

Did it get any better than spending an afternoon evading the law, searching for hidden packages, popping into AmmuNation, ramping cars over rivers or stopping in at Club Malibu for a drink?

Simple answer, probably not.

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