Luis Suarez: 8 times the Atletico Madrid striker showed he's one of football's most entertaining characters


There’s rarely a dull moment when Luis Suarez is around.

You don’t need us to remind you of the Uruguayan’s most controversial moments.

But there have also been plenty of light-hearted moments that have endeared Suarez to a lot of football fans.

He really is one of a kind. A referee’s worst nightmare, Suarez was voted the greatest sporting villain ever in a poll ran by ESPN last year - and with good reason.

But it’s often largely innocuous. Like on Tuesday, when the Atletico Madrid striker was booked for taking a sneak peak at the VAR monitor as the referee reviewed a potential penalty for Lokomotiv Moscow.


It got us thinking about other times Suarez went full Luis Suarez.

Like when he appealed for a handball after a goalkeeper made a save in the penalty area.

Or his infamous handball against Ghana at the 2010 World Cup.

We rounded up eight such moments. Take a look below.

1. Handball vs Ghana at the 2010 World Cup

Ten years on and this is still hard to watch.

It wasn’t just Suarez’s handball that hurts, but his celebrations when Asamoah Gyan missed the resulting penalty.

Suarez wasn’t even remorseful afterwards. “The Hand of God now belongs to me,” he bragged.

“I made the best save of the tournament," he added. "Sometimes in training I play as a goalkeeper, so it was worth it."

Gyan’s miss from 12 yards sent the World Cup quarter-final tie to penalties, where Uruguay prevailed.

It was a moment that summed Suarez up. He’s ready to do whatever it takes to win.


2. Appealing for handball against a GK in the penalty area

Classic Suarez, this.

In Uruguay’s Copa America win over Chile in 2019, the striker appealed for a penalty after his attempted pass hit Chile goalkeeper Gabriel Arias’ outstretched hand.

It was never going to be given, though, because Arias was on the edge of his six-yard area.

3. Appealing for a player to be booked for tripping pitch invader

This happened in the same game that he accused Arias of handling the ball inside his box.

When Chile’s Gonzalo Jara tripped up a pitch invader, Suarez frantically scurried over to the referee in an attempt to get him booked.


4. Celebrating goal by diving in front of David Moyes

Why? Because Moyes had accused Suarez of being a diver in the build up to the match in 2012.

"I would (be concerned about Suarez) because I think he has got history," the Scot said before the Merseyside derby.

"But I am not the referee, I am not the one that (makes decisions). But I tell you what - it will turn the supporters away from football if they think players are conning their way to results."

Suarez scored and celebrated by diving in front of Moyes in an absolutely incredible response.

5. Kicking the ball from under Neymar

It's not just his opponents who Suarez loves winding up.

6. Trolling Sergio Ramos at the Bernabeu

Suarez and Ramos clashed on more than one occasion during their El Clasico matchups and in 2019, the Barcelona forward apparently 'trolled' Ramos by scoring a Panenka penalty in front of him at the Bernabeu.

Ramos loves to score a dinked penalty but it was Suarez's turn to pull it off last year.

This short clip perhaps sums up their relationship...

7. Biting Giorgio Chiellini

We couldn't write a list about controversial Suarez moments without including his bite on Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup.

Or his bite on Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic in 2013.

Or his bite on PSV Eindhoven's Otman Bakkal in 2010.

Most players manage to go their entire careers without biting an opponent.

For Suarez, six years without doing so is quite an achievement.

8. Getting booked for checking VAR monitor

The ultimate Suarez booking. 

He'll avoid a yellow for a blatant dive, but not for checking the VAR monitor.

It's the way he ponders over to take a look. The referee was reviewing a potential Lokomotiv Moscow penalty and Suarez just needed to know whether it would be given or not.

It was, and Atletico Madrid were unable to regain their lead in the match.

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