Man City vs Liverpool: Micah Richards catches Roy Keane putting on make-up


The bromance between Roy Keane and Micah Richards is exactly what we needed in 2020.

Keane is a renowned hard man who isn’t afraid to say what he really thinks. Richards is a fun-loving guy who laughs at pretty much anything.

They shouldn’t really get on but they do.

Earlier on Sunday, we saw Keane question Manchester City’s Phil Foden calling Richards world-class.

Foden said: "I liked Micah. He was one of my idols," said Foden. "A young English talent.

"He was one of the best right-back in the world at the time. It was just a shame he had one or two injuries."

Keane fired back with: "He's made one or two mistakes. His interview came across really well. His stuff about Micah, he probably needs to be drug tested for that."


Richards got his own back shortly afterwards, though.

During an ad break, Richards filmed Keane applying make-up on his face.

What follows is a hilarious video as Richards and Jamie Carragher struggle to contain their laughter.

"What have you got in your hand, Roy?!" Richards asks.

"I wish I knew," Keane replies.

"Look at the disgust in his face!" Richards adds.

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Richards and Keane watched on at the Etihad as City and Liverpool played out a 1-1 draw. 

Liverpool took the lead after Mohamed Salah's penalty but Gabriel Jesus equalised moments later after a smart turn. City then had a chance to go 2-1 ahead but Kevin de Bruyne dragged his spot-kick wide.

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