Boxing: Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder believed he had a 'gypsy spell' placed on him


We’ve seen Wilder come up with all sorts of excuses for losing the bout in the last few months, having made a series of allegations ranging from his water bottle being spiked, to Fury’s boxing gloves being loaded.

This latest disclosure can surely be added to that list, although this time it is Fury that reveals all in his new book, ‘The Furious Method’.

In the book, the Gypsy King gives advice on how to improve physical and mental health, as well as detailing his personal battle against depression.

He also discusses the pre-match preparations for the Wilder fight, which he won by technical knockout in the seventh round.

Explaining the so-called “spell” – which he denies – Fury writes: “When Joe Rogan interviewed Wilder on his podcast after our first fight, Wilder said he thought I’d put some kind of gypsy spell on him.

“As far as I know I don’t possess much in the way of spells (though my Irish grandmother was a fortune teller).


“What’s clear is that I had got into his head and shook his self-confidence by repeatedly telling him I was going to drop him in the second round.

“I planted that seed in his mind and uttered it so frequently in the run-up to the fight he got spooked and started believing it himself.”

After the two fought to a controversial draw in their first encounter, the second was dominated throughout by Fury.

The 32-year-old knocked Wilder down in the third round, before the Bronze Bomber’s corner threw the towel in during round seven.


And Fury believes that Wilder was tense before the fight began.

He explained his version of events from the night itself: “Wilder seems stiff, even tense behind the mask.

“Andy Lee, my cousin and number two coach, was in his dressing room earlier to check that his wraps were correctly applied… Andy said it was tense and quiet in there, as opposed to the positive vibes in my room.


“Apparently, you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife.”

Fury and Wilder have been tipped for a trilogy fight in the near future, although there has been confusion over whether the bout will actually happen.

Fury said in October that he had 'moved on' from the fight, with rumours of a bout against Anthony Joshua continuing to gather pace, but Wilder and manager Shelly Finkel are believed to be keen to set a date for the encounter to take place.

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