Lionel Messi: Barca star's 'mind-blowing skills without touching the ball' are going viral


Lionel Messi has revolutionised the sport of football during his time at Barcelona.

Whether or not you consider the Argentine to be the greatest player the beautiful game has ever seen, you can't deny that he's made a lasting impact during his 16 years as a professional.

You could probably be airdropped anywhere on planet Earth and only ever be a few miles away from a child playing football with a Messi jersey on their back.

The brilliance of Messi

And it's that way because Messi is such an inspiring footballer, playing the game in a way that makes you fall in love with the beauty of knocking a sphere around a field for 90 minutes.

While some teams thump it long or park the bus, you can always reassure yourself that when you're watching Messi, you're only ever a minute or so away from seeing something truly brilliant.

Sure, the inevitably of age means those flashes of genius are perhaps becoming less frequent, but even someone special enough to bag themselves six Ballon d'Or trophies is ultimately human.


Celebrating Messi's greatness

But if we can take any major positive from the sad fact that Messi is probably only a handful of years away from retiring, it's that it gives us the excuse to reminisce more and more on his career.

Besides, you could probably make a 20-volume index of the various Messi videos and compilations that occupy YouTube - but none of them are better than from 'MagicalMessi'.

The content creator is arguably the greatest when it comes to sewing Messi's finest moments together into the sort of montages that make you want to sprint to your local playing field.

Yes, sure, the Messi clips speak for themselves in most mash-ups, but there's nothing like some dramatic music, editing and commentary to get the blood pumping and goosebumps prickling.


Messi skills without touching the ball

Credit to 'MagicalMessi' because they've now hit one million subscribers and they've clearly celebrated the occasion by updating one of their greatest Messi videos with some new clips.

You know, of course, that we're talking about Messi's greatest skills without touching the ball and the stunning video is already fast-approaching one million views within its first week of release.

Believe us when we say it would be worth a few minutes of your day to join the 800,000 people who have already indulged in Messi's genius, so check out the compilation down below:

Messi's insane footballing brain

If there was a test for footballing IQ, then I'm pretty sure Messi would come top.

While we're all acutely aware of Messi's impeccable dribbling and unerring finishing, just how intelligent he is during every break of play doesn't get the respect it deserves.

Hopefully, the footage above will go to show that Messi is capable of leaving defenders fooled, entire back-line distracted and fellow attackers pouncing without even touching the ball. 


And it makes sense really when you consider Messi's remarkable assist record, constantly proving himself as one of football's least selfish forwards.

That, and a phenomenon so talented that somebody is able to stitch together more than six minutes of them not even touching the ball, but still being so darn entertaining.

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