PlayStation 5: Metal Gear Solid remake could be coming to PS5, according to industry insider


Metal Gear Solid could make a comeback on PS5.

So, this year has not been the best but the launch of the next-gen consoles has bought some new energy into lockdown 2.0 as gamers everywhere purchase the newest machines from Sony and Microsoft.

With the new PlayStation 5 performing well despite the disappointment of not having backward compatibility beyond the PlayStation 4, there have been more talks of classic PlayStation games being remastered or even making a comeback.

I am still waiting for Burnout 3 and NFS: Underground 2 to be remastered.

However, it appears that the next game to have the remastered treatment is the famous Metal Gear Solid franchise.

There are on-going rumours that developers Bluepoint Games are currently working on the new Metal Gear Solid, which were solidified when YouTuber, Lance McDonald, went to the Bluepoint Games headquarters to play on the remake for Demon’s Souls, only to receive an interesting comment from one of the developers:

“Not one, but two.”

Added to this, an industry insider, who goes by the name 'Moore’s Law Is Dead', tweeted:

“@bluepointgames Great job with the Demon's Souls remake. Can't wait to play the next Solid game you guys are working on. "

Obviously, a pinch of salt is required with these kinds of things. I mean if we believed everything we hear then Trump won the election and the Covid-19 vaccine is Bill Gates’ idea of tracking the human population to stop everyone from buying the PlayStation 5.

With Solid Snake looking to get a remake, here are some of my suggestions for other games that desperately need to make a comeback:

Burnout 3: Takedown – I mean come on. Cars boosting and crashing, having Crash FM popping up with a gag while racing and of course a banging soundtrack.

NFS: Underground 2 – Basically the more mature version of the above. A cult classic which every person remembers.

Lego Star Wars 

Forget your Lego games now. This was the OG. A very addictive game which encouraged playing with your friends. A game which would rock the gaming world if it came out now.

FIFA 2004 

I mean, let’s face it FIFA 21 is terrible so why not play a game where you could score from the half-way line and it being fun rather than being the single most infuriating thing to happen to you that week.


Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

Jonathan Pearce is a famous commentator for BBC and BT Sport’s football coverage, but I first knew JP from screaming:

“IT’S CARNAGE. IT’S DEVASTATION. IT’S ROBOT WARS” as a 7-year old me flipped someone over with Chaos 2 while Bash is flipping like crazy in the corner of the Siberian minefield arena. BRING THIS BACK!

What game do you want to be remastered or bought back to life?

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