Boxing: Logan Paul sends taunting message to Floyd Mayweather telling him to ‘sign the contract’


Following Floyd Mayweather’s viral tweet that saw him publicly call out Logan Paul, the eldest Paul brother took to social media to explain why the fight contract has yet to be signed.

The YouTube star posted a video to Instagram claiming that Mayweather has had the fight contract for a while, and Paul’s reason why the pen hasn’t met the paper yet is due to Mayweather’s inability to spell his own name.

Paul said: "I feel like maybe you haven’t signed it because you don’t know how to spell your name.”

The clip then proceeds to show Paul spelling Mayweather’s name using print-out letters. Funny enough, the letter ‘W’ falls off the wall, with Paul cheekily saying that “Floyd “ain’t getting the W anyway.” Coincidence? We think not.

As the internet war between the two continues, Paul ended the clip urging Mayweather to finalize the fight and “sign the f**king contract…”

Last week, Mayweather posted a tweet that saw him refer to YouTube boxers as “girls”, while also threatening Paul himself by saying he will do to him just what he did to Conor McGregor three years ago.

Mayweather said, “3 years ago a fighter from the UFC said my name and I had to put a muzzle on that b***h. Logan Paul can get the same treatment…”

Rumours continue to swirl about how Paul is set to fight the undefeated Mayweather in an exhibition match. Money Mayweather is 50-0 in his illustrious career and would be eyeing a memorable 51st victory against the internet star.

Paul on the other hand, is 0-1 in his professional career following his defeat by unanimous decision to internet rival, KSI, in 2019.


Mayweather is no stranger to starting feuds with other celebrities, which include his viral beef with 50 Cent through a series of internet posts, and of course, fighting UFC superstar Conor McGregor in a professional boxing match.

Logan, and his brother Jake, are also regulars when it comes to beefing with celebrities, as Jake is lined up to fight former NBA star Nate Robinson on the undercard of the Tyson/Jones Jr. fight next week.

All in all, following Mayweather and Paul’s social media spat, many will be hoping a deal gets finalized soon so the current internet war can be settled in the ring.

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