Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr: Simulated version of the fight ends in emphatic knockout


We are now less than a week away from Mike Tyson’s boxing comeback against Roy Jones Jr, and one YouTuber felt the need to pull out a classic video game to simulate the upcoming fight.

As the pre-fight excitement continues to build, MartialMind, a competitive EA Sports UFC gamer, uploaded a video that simulates a matchup between Tyson and Jones Jr on the highly praised Fight Night Champion video game, developed by EA Sports.

Jones Jr is rated 93 overall in the game, while Iron Mike is just one point below that at 92.

MartialMind sets his controller to neutral and watches the CPU simulate a fight. It must be noted, though, it wasn't set under the same rules as the exhibition fight taking place this Saturday.

The matchup on November 28 will see the fighters battle it out in eight two-minute rounds, while the video game was set to three-minute rounds, which some users in the comments picked up on. Can't please them all, I guess.

The fighters’ game ratings and attributes are very much akin to if they were fighting in their prime, another reason why this simulation was deemed inaccurate by users in the comments.

The two fighters will obviously look very different from the simulation when they square off on the 28th, although, having seen Iron Mike's body transformation and training footage recently, maybe he'll be similar.

As well as that, they will probably not have the same stamina and endurance, hence why the two are only fighting eight two-minute rounds. But again, going by Jones Jr's recent footage, he looks like he's never been away from the ring!

Ultimately, in a fight simulation that lasted nine rounds, it was Tyson that took the victory by KO. Jones Jr. actually led on the scorecard after three rounds, but Iron Mike bounced back and was given a 10 by all three judges in each of the following rounds.

One thing’s for sure after watching this video; this brought back crazy nostalgia of one of the best boxing video games of all time.

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