Liverpool's Diogo Jota warned the referee he'd dive during Premier League win vs Leicester

  • Kobe Tong

Diogo Jota is proving to be an absolute bargain for Liverpool.

Plenty of fans and pundits alike raised their eyebrows when it turned out that Jurgen Klopp's men had forked out more than £40 million for the Wolverhampton Wanderers forward this summer.

Besides, it came mere months after Chelsea had beaten the Reds to Timo Werner and questions were starting to be raised about Roberto Firmino's form after just nine league goals last season.

Jota's incredible form

But those worries couldn't look any sillier now with the Portugal international having hit the ground running on Merseyside and frankly, he's been one of the club's star performers.

Kopites are genuinely debating whether Jota deserves a place in the once-immovable front three line-up of Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

And it's pretty hard to dismiss those musings when you consider Jota has already scored eight times in the famous red jersey, including a Champions League hat-trick away to Atalanta.


Jota scores in Leicester win

But it's at Anfield where Jota has found himself most at home, becoming the first Liverpool player in history to score in his opening four Premier League appearances at the famous old ground.

Jota notched a trio of winners in England's top-flight against Arsenal, Sheffield United and West Ham United, though the weekend arguably brought his both important goal of all.

The 23-year-old crowned a jaw-dropping 30-pass move by heading home Andrew Robertson's cross to score the second goal in a 3-0 win over Leicester City, moving the Reds to joint-top.


Jota says: Next time I'll dive

It couldn't be more apparent that Jota is exactly the sort of character that Liverpool and Klopp pride themselves on purchasing and that came across in more instances than one against the Foxes.

We say that because a clip of Jota emerged from the Leicester win that is both feisty and amusing in equal measure, warning the referee: 'Next time I'll dive' after receiving a push in the back.

It's certainly brilliant to see the Liverpool forward speaking to the match official with such sass and you can join the Kopites who have already enjoyed the footage by checking it out here:

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Go on, Diogo, tell him how you really feel.

One Liverpool fan aptly reacted on Reddit by writing: "This is why players dive, the referee won’t help them if they stay on their feet all the time a foul occurs."

Shocking flippancy

If there is any benefit to there being no fans in the stadium right now, it's being able to hear what the players are saying more often and this is one of the more interesting clips to have emerged.

Nevertheless, it's certainly shocking to hear a player talking so casually about diving on the pitch because although Jota surely wasn't being serious, it's a sad inditement of the role of cheating in the modern game.

I'm sure Chris Kavanagh didn't appreciate an embarrassing part of the game being threatened as though it was nothing, especially when the realities of diving can cost big results and entire seasons.


It will certainly have plenty of rival fans sniffing around seeing as Liverpool, in particular Salah, have rightly or wrongly garnered a reputation for diving in recent seasons.

We're inclined to think the shouts of 'LiVARpool' border on hyperbolic, but even we can't deny that some of the penalties Salah has won in the Premier League have been a little suspicious. 

Thankfully, Jota was only messing around last night and we're yet to see the Portuguese crashing to the turf like a sack of bricks... though, then again, Jota said he would 'next time', right?

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