Cristiano Ronaldo has regained historic stat he lost to Barcelona's Lionel Messi earlier in 2020


Cristiano Ronaldo has proven that he's immune to father time since signing for Juventus.

It's been no secret that the serial Ballon d'Or winner has been keeping himself in prime physical condition throughout his career, but it's now more than ever that we're seeing the benefits of it.

That's because Ronaldo doesn't seem to have lost a step despite now being 35 years old, an age where many world-class players would be forgiven for winding down their careers.

Ronaldo getting better with age

However, Ronaldo is no ordinary world-class player and after a lukewarm first season in Italy by his lofty standards, the Portuguese is now proving to be ruthless in front of goal for the Old Lady.

The Real Madrid legend showed no signs of second-season-syndrome with 37 strikes from 46 games last time out, while only Zlatan Ibrahimovic can top his Serie A tally in 2020/21.

If it wasn't for Robert Lewandowski's astonishing stats and achievements in 2020, Ronaldo would be feeling pretty confident about winning a sixth Ballon d'Or in a world where it wasn't cancelled.


Ronaldo's brilliance across Europe

The more you think about it, the more that fact seems rightfully incredible and a clear demonstration of how lethal Ronaldo has proven himself to be across Europe's top five leagues.

Besides, one of the biggest arguments in favour of Ronaldo in the GOAT is his proven ability to transcend competitions: succeeding in La Liga, Serie A and the Premier League.

In fact, Ronaldo is actually the greatest goalscorer in the history of Europe's major leagues, which is also made up of the Bundesliga and Ligue 1, thanks to his stunning striking record in 2020.


Ronaldo: GOAT of Europe's top leagues

Those with a good memory might remember that his eternal rival Lionel Messi actually laid claim to that title in March when Opta confirmed that he had surpassed Ronaldo with his 438th strike.

However, there's been a lot of water under the bridge since then and now Ronaldo has the upper hand once again with 455 strikes compared to the 447 of the Barcelona superstar.

In other words, Ronaldo has notched 18 strikes compared to the nine of Messi over the last seven months, which is seriously impressive and Twitter statisticians @Statsdufoot have put it into context.

That's because they've revealed the top ten highest scorers in the history of Europe's top five leagues upon which Ronaldo finds himself top - check out the order down below:


Another day, another remarkable achievement for Ronaldo.

Ronaldo vs Messi race

While, yes, Messi's age advantage means there's a good chance he'll finish his career as top dog, but all credit to Ronaldo for outscoring the younger man when he fell behind earlier in the year.

Such is Messi's quality that you have to imagine his current drought in front of goal - in terms of open play, particularly - will just be a passing blip of Barcelona's current crisis.


However, before he can expect to haul himself back to the European summit, he's got to prepare himself for all-out war with a Ronaldo who's looking more motivated and pumped over than ever.

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