Brighton 1-1 Liverpool: Andy Robertson reacts on Twitter after VAR controversy


Remember when LiVARpool was a thing?

Last season, many football fans dubbed Jurgen Klopp’s side LiVARpool because they believed the Reds got fortunate with a number of VAR decision en route to winning the Premier League.

The same certainly can’t be said this campaign.

The champions have found themselves cursing the use of technology in 2020/21 and that was the case yet again against Brighton on Saturday afternoon.

In the first half, Mohamed Salah saw a first half strike ruled out by VAR due to an incredibly tight offside call. After the break, it was Sadio Mane’s turn to see VAR chalk off his goal. This time, however, it was clearly the correct decision.

But perhaps the most controversial decision of them all came in second half injury-time.

Andy Robertson caught Danny Welbeck in the penalty area and, despite no appeals for a spot-kick, referee Stuart Attwell was called over to the VAR monitor to check.

We all know what that means.

Soon after, Attwell was pointing to the penalty spot and Pascal Gross rescued a point for the home side.

It left Klopp absolutely fuming while captain Jordan Henderson said the decision to give Brighton a penalty was “baffling.”

"I can't really speak about it because I'll get myself in trouble," Henderson told Match of the Day.

"The third one, I don't know, it's not a penalty. You can think I'm biased but if you ask four or five or their lads they will say the same thing. They said it walking off the pitch.


"You feel as though there are a lot of decisions that go against you but that decision for me today is baffling."

And now, the player involved has had his say.

Robertson was very active on social media after the match and tweeted: “Wonder when the people playing the game will have a say! Very frustrating day but credit to Brighton, really tough opponent!”

Pretty composed to be fair but he simply couldn’t resist a dig at VAR.

The left-back also ‘liked’ two tweets that summed up his mood.

The first was from top journalist Henry Winter, who wrote: “Clear and obvious is dead and buried. It is no more. It is now all about pedants at Stockley Park looking for anything in slow motion. VAR good if used as a safety net just to catch shockers. Why not let the game flow, use VAR judiciously & invest more in developing better refs?”


Then, he ‘liked’ a tweet from Michael Owen which read: “These penalties are getting softer by the day. Salah got given one against West Ham a few weeks ago so at least there’s consistency. In real time it’s never a pen. I thought VAR were meant to watch in real time. Slowing the replays down are making every challenge look a foul.”


It’s pretty clear what he thought of the decision then…

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