FIFA 21: New game on next-gen consoles has worse graphics than FIFA 17


The release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has undoubtedly gotten FIFA players excited about new gameplay improvements that live up to the name ‘next-gen’.

Although, next-gen FIFA 21 has resulted in mass criticism online, to the point that it is being compared to FIFA 17.

As with any new product, consumer expectations are always high with regards to enhanced features that stand out when compared to previous editions of a product. Despite this, next-gen FIFA for the PS5 and Xbox Series X has seemingly taken a step backwards in terms of graphics.

YouTuber and streamer MGH posted a tweet which highlights match graphics from both FIFA 17 and next-gen FIFA 21. Surprisingly (or not, EA are really no strangers to disappointing their consumers), FIFA 17’s graphics are much more appealing than that of the edition of FIFA that was released just two days ago.

Both images are of Manchester United vs Chelsea in kick-off mode, and as many users in the tweet’s thread point out, FIFA 17’s detailing is far superior. Most notably, the grass textures in FIFA 17 seem far more realistic, with users calling FIFA 21’s pitch graphics “dull” and “flat”.

Despite next-gen FIFA 21’s facial capture technology, which has been a positive in the eyes of many consumers, it seems that the detailing and effort put into the gameplay’s overall look has failed to live up to expectations.

Aaron McHardy, the executive producer of football’s most popular game, stated that FIFA’s latest next-gen release showcases ‘authenticity’ like never before.

"With next level immersive experiences that truly bring the most recognizable stadiums and professional players to life, the technology behind these next generation consoles opens up a world of possibilities for how players will experience the world's game this year and into the future.”

The internet begs to differ, as many Twitter users have voiced their opinions of EA once again failing to deliver. Although, consumerism still seems to get the better of many FIFA players, and while they continue to play the game and complain online, EA executives continue to bask in the glory of profiting off their consumers once again.

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