Boxing: Floyd Mayweather reveals why he didn't knock Conor McGregor out earlier


Almost three-and-a-half years since their super-fight, Floyd Mayweather has now come out and said he could’ve ended the fight with Conor McGregor much earlier if he wanted to.

Mayweather came out of retirement to fight UFC superstar McGregor and ultimately record his 50th career win.

Despite the Irishman's bright start, the American barely broke a sweat and proved too much to handle.

In what was McGregor’s boxing debut, Mayweather won in 10 rounds, but according to the American, the fight could have been over well before then.

In an interview with Drink Champs on Revolt TV, Mayweather said that he decided to keep the fight competitive in order to keep the possibility of a future rematch alive.

“I took it serious, but I wanted to have some fun in the fight and I wanted to entertain the people. 

“You have to give the people a show, so I gave the people a show.


“If I wanted to go out there and f*** him up and blaze him right out the gate, I could've done that. But my thing is this, if I would've done that, then it wouldn't be probably a part two.”

Money Mayweather received quite the payout from the fight, reportedly earning a total of $280 million from the bout, while his Irish counterpart took home a total of $130 million for his troubles.

Moreover, another exorbitant payout would seem to be the primary motivation for a potential rematch between the two.

If a rematch were to occur, would Mayweather prove his point with an early knockout? For now, though, we’ll just have to sit back and enjoy the internet chatter.

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