PSG 0-1 Lyon: Anthony Lopes turns into a real-life FIFA 21 glitch

Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes in action against PSG

Lyon beat reigning Ligue 1 champions PSG 1-0 on Sunday night to go level on points with Lille at the top of the table. 

And while Tinotenda Kadawere's 35th-minute goal might be remembered as the contest's standout moment, closely followed by a tackle on Neymar that resulted in a red card, another incident caught GIVEMESPORT's attention. 

Goalkeeper Anthony Lopes is enjoying a strong start to the season between Lyon's sticks. He currently ranks third in Ligue 1 for percentage of saves from shots faced with a very impressive return of 81.3%, while also keeping five clean sheets from 14 appearances. 

And it appears his talents are by no means limited to goalkeeping, either. The 30-year-old also seems to be an expert actor and a keen amateur gymnast, having reacted to the most gentle of nudges in the most theatrical of fashions during Lyon's 1-0 win. 

As you can see in the video below, a little bump on the shoulder from his own defender somehow managed to send Lopes not just flying but, even more incredibly, spinning straight into the advertising hoardings. 

Lopes probably hasn't rolled along turf like that since he was seven years old and suddenly found himself standing atop a particularly steep grassy hill, knowing the quickest and silliest way to get to the bottom was also the most fun - risk of vomit pending, of course. 

Let's be frank here, we all know exactly what Lopes is doing. With Lyon enjoying a lead over a side with far more financial backing than themselves, why not try and waste some time by pretending you've suffered an injury after being (quite literally) propelled into the nearest man-made object?

Who knows, maybe VAR will get their microscope out and after twenty replays of nothing decide to send Neymar off for violent conduct. Now that would be a good way to finish of the week. 

Incredibly, the ploy actually half-worked - Neymar received a booking, presumably for dangerous play, and we now have the image of Lopes resembling a real-life FIFA glitch burnt into our retinas forever, there to watch again every time we close our eyes. 

Some say theatrics like this are ruining the beautiful game, but you've got to respect commitment to and natural talent for pure s***housery when you see it. Take a bow Anthony, take a bow. 

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