Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury: Fury’s quotes after 2010 spar show his true opinion of Joshua’s talent


Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua could finally face off in a professional ring in May 2021, but it won't be the first time they have boxed each other.

It is often forgotten that the two battled in a London gym in 2010, when Fury was looking for sparring partners.

As Joshua revealed in the Daily Express, Fury offered an expensive Rolex to anyone who could knock him out.

It didn’t quite happen for Joshua on that particular occasion, but Fury called Steve Bunce at BBC Radio London following the tussle to explain just how impressed he was by the then 20-year-old amateur.

Ten-years later, his comments make for fascinating reading.

Fury told Bunce, via the BBC: “I just went down to Finchley Boxing Club and sparred the ABA champion Anthony Joshua. He’s red hot him, very good.

“To be honest with you I thought ‘I’ll only take it easy because he’s only an amateur and he probably won’t spar me again if I go mad’.

"He rushed out at me, he threw a one-two and left hook and bash, he hit me with an uppercut right on the point of the chin.


“If I’d had a weak chin like David Price I’d have been knocked out for a month. He’s very, very, very good and he’s only young.

Watch out for that name, Anthony Joshua, he is one prospect for the future.

“I’m a good prospect, I rate myself as one of the top heavyweights in the world and he came at me for three rounds and he gave me a beating. I am not going to deny it. He gave what for, hell for leather. I thought ‘an amateur is killing me’.

“I slowed him down with a few good body shots. The kid is only 20. I’m a handful myself, so for him to put up a good performance like that against a top prospect in me, I think he’s one for the future.


"But sparring isn’t fighting and fighting with a head guard isn’t professional boxing.”

Fury would go on to fight twice in London in 2010, with an impressive ninth-round victory over fellow Briton John McDermott followed by success against American fighter, Rich Power.

Joshua remained as an amateur for another three years, winning gold at the 2012 Olympics before turning professional in 2013.

The two men have just one professional loss between them out of 56 fights, with Fury unbeaten at this stage.

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