Jake Paul only follows Conor McGregor's fiance and Dillon Danis' girlfriend on Instagram


Well, it looks like Jake Paul has taken his beef with Conor McGregor and Dillion Danis to the next level, as the girlfriend's of the fighting pair are the only people he follows on Instagram.

As we all know nowadays, social media is a vital tool to promote yourself and your business. In the boxing world, fighters can promote themselves and put pressure on other boxers to guarantee they meet in the ring.

Jake Paul has done exactly that and is arguably trying to catch the biggest fish. Conor McGregor.

In an attempt to possibly anger both McGregor and his fighting friend Dillion Danis, Paul now only follows Dee Devlin and Savannah Montano - the significant others of the fighting duo.

This is just the latest stunt in Paul's outlandish moves, as he recently crashed one of Danis' interviews.

Arriving in the back of a pick-up truck, Paul taunted Danis on the streets of Los Angeles by saying: "Hey look! It's Conor McGregor's b****."

Following this verbal assault at the MMA fighter, Paul repeatedly labelled Danis as a "p****" and launched numerous amounts of toilet paper in his direction. It's safe to Danis was less than pleased.

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Following the incident, Paul uploaded the toilet-paper-fuelled drive-by to his personal Instagram account, where the video has just short of six million views.

In addition to this, the YouTube fighter has recently changed his display picture to an image of Danis being struck by toilet roll. Comedy gold.

Paul seems desperate to engineer a fight between himself and McGregor, however, it appears that Notorious is yet to take the bait.

The 23-year-old internet sensation has claimed he's capable of fighting McGregor, as he currently boasts an undefeated professional record after two fights. On the other hand, McGregor has fought just once in a boxing ring and lost to Floyd Mayweather.

Furthermore, Money Mayweather has recently agreed a deal to fight Jake's brother Logan Paul, which could provide an explanation as to why the YouTuber is keen to remain in the conversation by taking on McGregor.

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