Floyd Mayweather: What is his net worth?


The undefeated and controversial boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. has boasted an insanely high earning power throughout his career.

He has racked up a highly impressive 6 world titles over 5 different weight-classes, and a record of 50 wins and zero losses.

Although his fighting career won’t last forever, big money exhibition fights are still going to add huge sums to his bank account. Serious fights in which he could actually lose his unbeaten record are a thing of the past.

MMA fighter Connor McGregor and kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa have already tasted defeat at his hands. Next to be set up to fall is YouTuber Logan Paul.

The Money Team

Mayweather has always been known for his ability to both earn great sums of money whilst also spending at a ridiculous rate. Mayweather’s lifestyle brand and stable of fighters is even called ‘The Money Team’.

Possessing a super-elite level of talent, ridiculous work ethic and dedication to his craft; has brought Mayweather to the top of the sport of boxing and helped him stay there for many years.

Another major factor in him being so marketable is his ability to manipulate viewers into believing each bout could be the time he actually loses.


He also purposefully plays the bad guy and antagonises beautifully to make people want him to lose. This tactic brings fans desperate to see him lose, to his pay-per-views and he reaps the rewards.

Mayweather has had several run-ins with the IRS over unpaid taxes, however.

His crazy spending on cars, jewellery, houses, a colossal entourage, and gambling habits have also caused a massive hit on his net worth.

There have even been accusations that Mayweather is secretly broke. These have often been strongly denied by Mayweather through his not-so-subtle flashing of the cash on social media.

Current Net Worth and Lifetime Earnings


He has competed and come out on top in some huge fights, both in terms of level of ability, and in a financial sense. He fought Canelo Alvarez in September 2013 and earned $75 million.

Just two years later, he managed to bag himself $250 million for fighting legend Manny Pacquiao.

In 2017, the first of Mayweather’s major exhibitions saw Conor McGregor come over from the MMA world in a long-awaited crossover bout, bringing $300 million to the boxer’s pockets.

According to www.celebritynetworth.com, the current net worth of Floyd Mayweather Jr. stands at around $450 million.


Over his career he has earned an estimated $1.1 billion dollars. He has now reached 5th on the list of all-time highest paid sports stars.

It is likely Mayweather will further his earning power as he takes on anyone with a big star name who won’t truly threaten his undefeated record.

By the time he truly hangs up his gloves, he may add YouTubers and actors to his exhibition hit list, alongside the MMA fighters and politicians (Manny Pacquiao) who already have fallen by the wayside.

Whatever he decides to do, he will be handsomely paid for it.

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