UFC news: Khabib Nurmagomedov praises Cristiano Ronaldo for 15 years at the top of football


Khabib Nurmagomedov has lavished praise on footballing superstar and Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Over recent years, the pair have built up a friendship that, on that on the face of it, seems unlikely.

Ronaldo is well-known for his ruthless singular drive to be the best and stand out; with a focus on individual performances, flash clothing, cars and jewellery.

He has been caught on camera many times reacting angrily when teammates score when he was open to pass to.

On the other hand, there is Khabib, who is strongly religious and follows the ideals of his religion rigorously, staying humble and understated in the face of his unprecedented achievements in MMA.

However, there are aspects of each other’s lives that do mesh perfectly.

Khabib is a huge Real Madrid fan, and it’s hard to argue against Ronaldo being the greatest player to ever don a Madrid shirt.


Furthermore, they also do have some similarities. Both have maintained unbelievably strict lifestyles to give themselves the best chance of continued success in their respective sports.

They have followed highly disciplined diets, daily routines, and held a singular focus on career above all else. They also don’t drink alcohol.

Khabib avoids it for religious reasons, whilst Ronaldo’s father tragically died from liver disease after years of alcoholism.


Khabib and Ronaldo are hugely devoted to their families, both with strong family members guiding their careers; and the stars both providing great financial and emotional support to their families in return.

Ronaldo’s Outstanding Year and Career

The continued levels of performance that Ronaldo has managed over a staggeringly long period of dominance at the top of the game, have propelled his teams to a remarkable haul of silverware.

In his claim as the greatest of all time, Ronaldo boasts 21 major honours in club football, a European Championship title with Portugal and 5 Ballons d'Or for his individual performances.


In the summer, Juventus claimed yet another domestic title win with Ronaldo playing a pivotal role.

Khabib’s High Praise for Ronaldo

Ronaldo continued another remarkable year with two goals against Parma in Juventus’ Serie A clash on Saturday.

Reacting on Instagram, Khabib wrote of Ronaldo:

“15 years at the top. Almost impossible”


Previously, following Khabib’s dominant win over Justin Gaethje, Ronaldo took to Instagram to say:
“Congrats bro! Your father is proud of you”

Both Ronaldo and Khabib won’t be starring in their chosen sports for that much longer, as age and accumulated damage to their bodies degrade their abilities.

Ronaldo is well beyond the peak years a footballer usually enjoys.

Khabib picked up many serious injuries during his career that threatened to derail it, and that will have inevitability left significant lasting damage.

This means any possible reversal of his retirement decision will result in him returning for one or two more fights only. Despite this, both are maintaining a remarkable level in the twilight years of their careers.

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