WWE news: 7 predictions for 2021, including the return of The Undertaker


It been quite a year for WWE and fans can be ready to expect bigger and better in 2021.

The sporting world was rocked by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Many postponements and cancellations of events left fans wondering whether various sports organisations would bounce back, especially given the negative commercial impacts that the pandemic brought along.

WWE was one of the organisations that responded well to the pandemic, as the company ensured live events would continue despite there being no fans in attendance.

Highly anticipated events such as SummerSlam, Clash of Champions and Survivor Series all still took place, with Tables, Ladders & Chairs on December 20 culminating quite the year to remember for WWE.

With 2020 now in the books, we’ve gone ahead and put together 7 predictions for WWE in 2021.

7. WrestleMania will be two nights again

The pandemic forced WWE to make its traditional one-nighter into a two-night affair in 2020. With no fans in attendance, it made sense to give them two nights worth of WrestleMania.

If fans are still not allowed to attend live events, it would make sense to have WrestleMania remain a two-night event once again as more matches would potentially result in an increase in viewers. It also allows WWE to make WrestleMania quite the special weekend rather than the organisation's usual one-night event.


6. Many will leave WWE for AEW

All Elite Wrestling has taken some of WWE’s spotlight, specifically with regards to how they treat the stars on their roster. More creative freedom and lighter schedules could draw WWE’s stacked lineup towards AEW in the New Year.

WWE stars who continue to be overlooked could be tempted by a fresh start with AEW and their growing list of new superstars and employees.

5. Dominik and Rey Mysterio will win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The father and son duo will be looking to take 2021 by storm. With Dominik still fairly new to WWE, he’ll be looking to fight alongside his esteemed father and dominate together in 2021.

They will surely attract the attention of fans, as a father-son duo that can compete for titles will surely draw a crowd.


4. NXT Japan will come to fruition

As the NXT expansion continues, Japan could be next on the lineup. NXT India has yet to be formally announced, but once that gets going in early 2021, WWE will surely have their sights set elsewhere.

As rumours continue to circulate, there have already been hints that NXT Japan is on the horizon, especially since Kairi Sane dropped out of the active WWE roster to move to Japan, yet still works for WWE. Coincidence? We think not.

3. WWE will create their own streaming platform

Following the company’s ban on superstars using Twitch and Cameo to make some extra money, there is a chance that the company will create their own streaming platform to garner some more online popularity.

Streaming has grown into one of the most popular methods of online entertainment since the pandemic began, and WWE could feel incentivised to create their own service with their own branding.

2. Sami Zayn will leave WWE for AEW


Zayn was overlooked by WWE this year, and this undervaluation could lead him to jump ship and join AEW, a company that potentially suits his creative expression more.

With AEW’s growing superstar roster, Zayn may feel his creative freedoms lie with them rather than WWE.

1. The Undertaker will come out of retirement

It is quite rare retirements actually pan out, so this prediction is one that is definitely on the cards for 2021.

If ratings are low, WWE may feel the need to bring back their coveted superstar, maybe for one last match in front of a live crowd once fans can attend again. The Phenom may not return until late 2021, but nonetheless, this is something every fan would absolutely love to see happen.

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