Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas concept trailer shows it would look incredible on next-gen consoles


GTA San Andreas is widely considered to be the most iconic game of the PlayStation 2 era.

In truth, the 2004 game was nothing short of a triumph.

It allowed gamers all over the world the opportunity to spend hours exploring a beautiful, expansive, open-world map that was unlike anything they had experienced before.

Beaches, forests, city-scapes and mountains were all available at the touch of a button and gamers instantly fell in love.

Rockstar's perfectly combined cocktail of a story that was simply superb and brilliantly gameplay was the driving force behind the game's meteoric popularity.

Unsurprisingly, the game built up a bit of a global cult following that remains as fiercely committed to this day.


So, it is no surprise then that a concept trailer showing what the mega-hit would look like on the newest generation of consoles is proving to be extremely popular.

While they waited for any sort of news regarding the mysterious GTA 6, YouTuber XXII used the time to give us a glimpse of what San Andreas would be like on today's machines.

You can watch the stunning trailer in the clip below:

Using some popular visual mods from GTA V, alongside some snappy editing, XXII was able to create a genuinely authentic-feeling concept trailer.

Now, it is probably best to remember that this trailer is fan made and the likelihood of Rockstar actually remaking San Andreas seems rather slim.

However, that shouldn't stop us from dreaming of some CJ adventuring in beautiful 4K.


Calls for Rockstar to take their time with a new GTA game have only grown louder over the last few weeks after Cyberpunk 2077 proved to be a massive disappointment on consoles.

Rockstar is yet to release any sort of timeline regarding the game and it could still be a good few years before it becomes a reality.

So, in the meantime, it looks like we have no choice but to dust off the old PS2 and take to the streets of Los Santos with CJ.

Could be worse.

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