Cristiano Ronaldo: His 20 greatest goals have been ranked after he equals goalscoring record


On Sunday evening, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the 759th goal of his incredible career.

The significance of that is that, according to various sources, he equalled Josef Bican’s long-standing record for most official goals scored for club and country.

It’s just a matter of time before he becomes the GOAT of goalscoring.

The strike against Sassuolo was his 84th for Juventus in 106 appearances. He’s scored the majority of his goals at Real Madrid (450), while he notched 118 for Manchester United. At the start of his career, he did manage five for Sporting Lisbon. He’s also managed 102 for Portugal.

Incredible numbers.

But out of those 759 goals, which one was the best?

Well, incredible work from FootballCritic has answered that very question.

In fact, they’ve ranked Ronaldo's 50 greatest goals from 50-1.


To do so, they looked at five categories: 

  • Aesthetically Pleasing (out of 30): How enjoyable was the goal to watch? 
  • Technical Difficulty (out of 30): How hard is it for a professional player to score a goal like this? 
  • Uniqueness (out of 20): Has this goal been seen many times before, or is it one-of-a-kind? 
  • Importance (out of 10): Was the effort the fifth in a 5-0 win, or the winner in the Champions League final? 
  • Standard of Opposition (out of 10): How good was the team that the goal was scored against?

It formed a top 50 which you can check out HERE.

Below is the top 20 with FootballCritic’s verdict on each goal, explaining why it ranked where it did.


20 | Osasuna vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “This may be from nearly 40 yards, but the extreme power leaves the goalkeeper totally helpless.”

19 | REAL MADRID vs Manchester United

FootballCritic say: “It is goals like this which differentiate Ronaldo from Messi and so should be celebrated.”

18 | Atletico Madrid vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “Ronaldo pulls off goals like this so routinely in big games, but Atletico shouldn't be giving him that much space to operate.”

17 | Villarreal vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “At this point in his career, everyone knew what Ronaldo's plan was. Sprint down the left, cut inside, and shoot - but that doesn't mean he could be stopped.”

16 | Hungary vs PORTUGAL

FootballCritic say: “Ronaldo scored to allow Portugal to come back from behind in the game against Hungary, a moment of magic needed to keep themselves in the tournament.”

15 | REAL MADRID vs Ajax

FootballCritic say: “You really feel for Ajax here as the magnificent Madrid forward line barges forward at pace. The interplay is really special, and it just happens to be Ronaldo who started and finished the move.”

14 | Marseille vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “Perhaps Ronaldo's first great goal for Real Madrid and bizarre to think that at this time he was still in the middle of proving himself in Spain.”


FootballCritic say: “Ronaldo was close to becoming the complete player by this point, and this ridiculous quality in the air provided another string to his bow.”

12 | Sampdoria vs JUVENTUS

FootballCritic say: “As soon as this goal was scored social media exploded with wonder. It is an outrageous header from one of the greatest athletes in the history of the sport, perhaps the greatest.”

11 | REAL MADRID vs Sevilla

FootballCritic say: “Quite simply, at that time in 2013, there is no other player in the world who could have scored that goal.”

10 | Rayo Vallecano vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “Ronaldo's instinct in front of goal is so incredible that he pulls off a finish that very few players would even attempt.”


FootballCritic say: “A high-class long-range strike and a hugely significant one too, after United had stumbled in the first leg.”

8 | REAL MADRID vs Valencia

FootballCritic say: “Ronaldo is an expert in the dramatic, and almost saves his most wondrous goals for the moments when his team need it the most.”

7 | Barcelona vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “It is an absolute beauty of a goal, but the fact it was in the Clasico certain gives it a higher reputation.”

6 | Almeria vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “Yes, Ronaldo has done the stepover thing before, but never as effectively as this as the defender goes completely the wrong way”

5 | JUVENTUS vs Manchester United

FootballCritic say: “One of the most difficult skills in football completed with unassuming brilliance by Ronaldo.”

4 | MANCHESTER UNITED vs Portsmouth

FootballCritic say: “One of the most famous free kicks in EPL history, and the motion of the kick remains spellbinding.”

3 | Liverpool vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “The pass, the finish, the celebration - it's all gold.”


FootballCritic say: “The desire shown by Ronaldo here, as well as the work with his team-mates, is just absolutely sublime. A brilliant, brilliant goal.”

1 | Juventus vs REAL MADRID

FootballCritic say: “If it wasn't for Gareth Bale in the Champions League final it would be the Goal of the Season.”

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