Boxing: Mike Tyson is 'willing to die in the ring' to reach 'God status'


Mike Tyson is one of the greatest ever to step foot inside a boxing ring, and is arguably the most feared boxer in history.

Now, he has said he is willing to die in the ring to achieve ‘God status’ as he was 'born to do this.'

At 54 years old, Iron Mike stepped in the ring for the first time in over 15 years, going toe-to-toe with Roy Jones Jr. in a highly-anticipated exhibition bout back in November.

The eight-round fight gave fans the opportunity to see both Tyson and Jones Jr. in the ring one last time, but for Tyson, that doesn’t seem to be the end.

Following the fight, the heavyweight legend made it clear he was wanting to fight again – some were hopeful, some were unsure, but now those doubts seem to have vanished with Tyson confirming his future.

In an episode of the Food Truck Diaries, Tyson appeared as a guest for the show, and opened up about his devotion to the sport.

With an event scheduled for later this year by Triller, Iron Mike is considering fighting, rather than just promoting.

He said: “We’re getting ready to go to Dubai now, and we’re getting ready to have a show there.

“I think I want to participate in that show instead of promote it. I want to promote it and participate and fight someone too."

The episode continued, with Tyson talking about how boxing is what he was made to do.

He added: “I’m born to do this. I’m born to do this, ‘til I reach God status. I’m just born to do this man.

This was followed by a question from the host, asking what would get him to achieve the ‘God status’.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

Tyson replied: “Dying (in the ring). That’s real talk man. That’s real talk. I don’t even know why I became this way. This is just what it is, this is how I’m built. I don’t know why."

Mike Tyson is an animal – fact. His competitive mentality and devotion to boxing is to be admired.

While it is very, very unlikely he will die in the ring, everyone hopes that a tragedy like this doesn’t happen, to Iron Mike or anyone else.

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