Liverpool vs Manchester United: Evra and Ferdinand's clash after trying to take out Luis Suarez


Liverpool and Manchester United's rivalry was at its most hostile in 2012. 

In February 2011/12 season, the Red Devils were still chasing their 20th Premier League title, but their meeting with their rivals at Old Trafford was overshadowed. 

Luis Suarez was facing United for the first time since being found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra when the two sides had met at Anfield the previous October. 

The striker had subsequently been banned for eight games and fined £40,000 by the Football Association. 

With Evra and Suarez meeting once again, much of the pre-match talk centred on whether the duo would shake hands ahead of kick-off.

As many will remember, the United left-back did offer his hand - only for him to be snubbed by the Uruguayan. It was an extraordinary moment that left fans shocked. 

The Liverpool forward's decision not to make peace made for an even more furious encounter and within 40 seconds of kick-off, Rio Ferdinand decided to make his mark on him. 

In fact, Ferdinand and Evra both seemed to be running towards Suarez, who pulled out of the tackle and with a slight push, sent the centre-back hurtling into his teammate.

An extraordinary start to the game, but you can hardly blame the United players for being so riled up.

On that incident, Evra was quoted by The Guardian: 

"For me, it was like: 'What's going on? You see the first tackle, a tackle on Rio Ferdinand? If it was Suárez then I could have had a red card straight away and I'd have been off the pitch."

The Frenchman also discussed his decision to shake Suarez's hand and the "pressure" he felt at all at the discussion surrounding the pre-match customs. 

"That game was the most pressure I've ever felt in my life – and all to do with shaking his hand," he added.

"It was very difficult to decide what to do before the game. Many people would never try to shake his hand. But I tried and he refused."

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