UFC news: Jon Jones moving up to heavyweight is going to end with him proving he’s the GOAT


The potential weight gap between UFC fighters in the Light Heavyweight division and Heavyweight division is the largest in the organisation.

A heavyweight can weigh-in anywhere from 93.0kg to 120.2kg, which means that Jon Jones’ move across these two divisions is the boldest division cross a fighter can make in the UFC.

Jones has always comfortably weighed in at 93kgs to qualify for LHW, he revealed in an earlier Joe Rogan Experience, so will he be able to fill out his usually ‘skinny’ frame to meet the challenge?

The move to the new division has been prompted by the fact that Jon Jones has simply torn through all LHW contenders. From Alexander Gustaffson to Ovince St Preux to Quinton Jackson - Jon Jones simply outclasses.

Pushing an unrelenting pace, challengers and former champions get a taste of spinning elbows, flying knees and dizzying takedowns. Even his greatest rival Daniel 'DC' Cormier has had to accept Jones’ undeniable dominance in the Octagon.

Because of this record, Jones has expressed offense at the designation of GOAT title to Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Dagestan-born Russian ended his career late in 2020 after achieving everything he set out for: building a flawless win-streak against deadly lightweights at the highest level of competition.

In comparison, Jones has been embroiled in a few controversies both inside and outside the Octagon. From disqualification due to an illegal elbow to a no contest because of a doping controversy, Jones’ record is far from pristine.


It has been hinted that the NC to Cormier will be scrubbed off the record, but this seems far-fetched. Some may argue these blemishes can never outshine the #1 GOAT Khabib Nurmagomedov, but Jones’ dramatic decision to compete in the UFC’s heaviest weight division may well silence the detractors and definitively re-establish his GOAT status.

So who will Jones be going up against? Well it won’t be Max Holloway (Featherweight!) as Chase Hooper hilariously suggested on Twitter over the weekend.

The potential match-ups we will be watching over the next few years have been desperately anticipated. Francis Ngannou famously holds the world record for the most powerful punch at 96 horsepower. Even a light touch from Ngannou can send a heavyweight flying halfway across the Octagon. Or how about current champion Stipe Miocic? Miocic has a long list of knockouts and TKOs that may well extinguish Jones’ plans.

But let’s be honest, for Jon Jones it is less a matter of who he will fight, but in which order… for now, Ngannou is set to challenge Miocic for the title at UFC 260. So before working up the Heavyweight contender rankings, Junior Dos Santos seems a suitable early HW match.


Dos Santos weighs in at 108kg rather than the maximum 120kg and his relatively leaner frame in the division pairs well with Jones’ physique.

For any detractors saying Jones vacated the LHW for an easier route, perhaps to run from the entertaining Israel Adesanya (Middleweight), one has to wonder what on earth they’re talking about…

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