Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier: Khabib Nurmagomedov predicts the outcome of the fight


UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov predicts that Conor McGregor will be victorious against Dustin Poirier, as he expects the fight to be over in two rounds.

However, the Eagle, who has viciously forced both of these fighters into submission in his clashes with them, believes that the American could cause an upset if the fight goes beyond round three.

In an interview with former MMA fighter Din Thomas, filmed by the UFC themselves, Khabib had this to say about the clash: 

"Looking for a Fighter' series, Just two rounds - Conor.

"Early, it's Conor. But, third round, number four, I think Dustin can beat this guy."

This blockbuster fight will, of course, be held on Fight Island and is the headline fight for UFC 257.

The stakes are high for this clash, not only will Poirier be looking for revenge and not only will McGregor be looking to make history repeat itself, but after Khabib announced his retirement from the UFC, the winner of this bout will be crowned the new lightweight champion.


Nurmagomedov, 32, is technically still the champion even though he retired in October 2020, but regardless of the outcome, he will relinquish his crown after the fight.

The Russian superstar made this surprising announcement after defeating Justin Gaethje at UFC 254.

That was his first fight after the tragic passing of his loving father Abdulmanap, who passed away at the young age of 57.

Khabib did, however, announce that he and his father planned to reach a record of 30-0 before hanging up the gloves for good.


With the Russian only being one win away from achieving this incredible feat, Dana White has talked about the possibility of Khabib having one final fight in Abu Dhabi.

The UFC President later said that Nurmagomedov will ONLY return to the octagon if he sees a lightweight who he is impressed by.

A rematch between McGregor and Khabib could potentially be on the cards as White had this to say to Khabib: “This fight with Poirier is trending bigger than the fight with you and Conor on pay-per-view.

“Imagine what you and Conor would do in another f***ing fight. Just saying. I’m just saying!"

The UFC faithful would love to see another clash between these two, and if McGregor beats Poirier, then we could have another super fight on our hands.

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