Arsenal fan's explosive rant about Willian in FA Cup defeat to Southampton defeat goes viral


Willian's time at Arsenal hasn't exactly been sunshine and rainbows.

Gooners weren't expecting the former Chelsea winger to tear the Premier League to shreds, but they were most certainly viewing the move as shrewd in the absence of a transfer fee.

However, that doesn't mean that Willian isn't hoovering up sizeable wages at Emirates Stadium, reportedly pocketing £100,000-per-week, so there was still some level of expectation.

Willian's Arsenal struggles

And sadly, despite the Brazilian's undoubted quality and proven track record in the Premier League, that hasn't manifested itself in north London during the 2020/21 campaign.

Willian began the season in Mikel Arteta's starting XI but give or take a league debut that reaped two assists - or three depending on your definition - his poor form started to take its toll.

Now, game time has proven much harder to come by with Willian boasting just one goal contribution and two shots on target in his Premier League appearances since his debut.


Willian vs Southampton

Nevertheless, Willian was given a fresh opportunity to prove himself in an Arsenal jersey for the FA Cup fourth-round clash with Southampton on Saturday morning.

It was a tough fixture on paper and a tough fixture in practise with Arsenal suffering a rare FA Cup defeat, crashing out of the competition in a 1-0 defeat courtesy of Gabriel's own goal.

And truth be told, Willian wasn't at the races, joining the likes of Nicolas Pepe and Eddie Nketiah in receiving wide-spread criticism from Arsenal fans for their performance at the St. Mary's Stadium.


Troopz's explosive rant

However, of all the Gooners to direct their anger towards Willian, we're not sure that any of them did it in more enraged and animated fashion than former AFTV favourite Troopz.

The online personality, who now works in the USA for Barstool Sports, went viral for an explosive rant about Willian where he even floated the idea that he was playing 'against' Arsenal.

Troopz said: "On my mum's life, he [Willian] is playing against us! On my nan's grave he is playing against us! I swear to God on my nan's grave bro, he's playing against us."

"Look at this p****! D***head! You f**king d***head! I hate you, I hate you. I f***ing hate you. I've never hated a player more in my life than you blud. I never wanted you. I knew you were s***."

Time is ticking for Willian

Now, if you're reading this article, you probably fit into one of two profiles of football fans.

My best guess is that you're either an Arsenal fan nodding in complete agreement or a rival supporter delighting in the rage that Willian is inflicting upon Gooners with his poor displays.

But no matter which way you look at the situation, it's a pretty impossible argument to opine that Willian has been anything less than a flop at Arsenal, even if there's still time to turn things around.


Besides, like it or not, Willian displayed his top-level quality on too many occasions in his Chelsea career to have lost his brilliance altogether. Whether it'll arrive in time, though, remains to be seen.

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