Chelsea: Frank Lampard's ridiculous list of player fines whilst manager


Frank Lampard is no longer the Chelsea manager.

The club legend was sacked on Monday after a poor run of results that left the Blues ninth in the Premier League table. Thomas Tuchel is set to replace him.

Supporters are still trying to process it and many have been left outraged at the treatment of one of the club’s greatest ever players - if not the greatest.

Lampard wasn’t able to say goodbye to the players on Monday following his dismissal - a meeting which took just 30 minutes.

It was a sad ending.

However, some Chelsea players won’t be too disappointed to see the back of Lampard it seems.


The Athletic’s report explained how some of the squad had become disillusioned under the manager.

Some complained about a lack of tactical instruction and not being spoken to for months. Some felt he showed little empathy and were hurt by his public criticism.

If some of the reports are to be believed, he had lost sections of the dressing room.


Meanwhile, some of them will be delighted that they no longer have to abide by Lampard’s crazy fine list at the club.

During his first season in charge at Stamford Bridge, a list of 12 fines went viral, signed off by Lampard himself.

And it’s fair to say they were pretty hefty!

They were:

1. Late for matchday/first-team departure - £2,500

2. Late for report time for training - £2,500 (plus £2,500 for every 15 minutes thereafter)

3. Late in gym for pre-activation - £1,000

4. Late for treatment - £2,500

5. Late for team meetings - £500-per-minute

6. Late for start of training - £20,000

7. Phone ringing during ream meal or meeting - £1000

8. Reporting in the wrong attire/kit for Team Travel and Match days - £1000

9. Not travelling back on Team coach post-match, without giving 48 hours notice to the Manager or an Assistant manager - £5000

10. Refusal or not turning up for corporate/community duties - £5,000

11. Not reporting illness or injury before day off or 1 hour 30 minutes before training - £10,000

12. Late for medical appointments - £2,500


The list states that all fines must be paid within 14 days or else all outstanding fines will be doubled.

There are also a list of internal rules which include ensuring body composition targets are met, family and guests wanting to watch training must be authorised, no agents at the training ground and players must inform management if they want to travel abroad on days off.

The fines weren’t going into Lampard’s pocket, though. All the money raised would go team activities and charitable bodies.

Will incoming manager Thomas Tuchel stick with these fines or will he be installing his own?


Well, according to the Guardian, Tuchel has a few philosophies that he sticks by.

He insists players must look into each other’s eyes while saying good morning. Also, they aren’t allowed to use surnames.

Whether or not Tuchel will insist on a £2,500 fine every time a player fails to follow those rules remains to be seen…

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