Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas & Vice City remaster collection in development, rumours suggest


For some time now, fans have been crying out for some remastered Grand Theft Auto games from the series, while Rockstar Games are usually fairly reluctant in revisiting its past.

The GTA series has been very popular with gaming fans all over the world over the years, and they have been highly-anticipating a new GTA game following the latest edition that came back in 2013.

That was GTA V, and although it's over seven years old now, it's still making the company millions in sales... which could explain why there hasn't been a new once just yet.

Now, however, reports have started to be posted on forums by popular users and insiders which hint at some remastered classics.

Explained by GTABase, GTA Forums user Mach1bud wrote “soon” in a thread, in an out-of-the-blue fashion. It seemed innocent, but now some minds have wandered.

Just before we dive in, it is important to remember these are all just rumours for the moment and nothing more. However, it does leave a lot of room for questions.

Immediately after the post “soon” in a thread, WildBrick142 hinted that the post was in the wrong thread, in which Mach responded that it was intentional.


Following this, the thread was subsequently tagged with ‘GTA III’, ‘GTA VC’ and ‘GTA SA’. Mach claimed if he dropped the tease in the correct thread, it would have been too obvious.

This is where it begins to get a bit cryptic. Mach continued speaking about how he will be getting a “truck in less than 90 days,” and that he’ll be getting a trailer for it soon.

The initial guess from fans is that he was using vehicles and video game keywords to make his point. Could there really be a remastered series coming?

The rumours don’t end there, with another post – this time on social media – from GTA Forums admin Uni. He posted a photo of three customised GTA Online Shark cards – used in the gaming series.


Not only that, the cards were marked with the following dates: 2001, 2002 and 2004 – the release years of GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas.

It’s not confirmed if these are all connected, or whether they are coincidentally separate. However, if there was ever going to be a remaster, this year would be the year.

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