Mike Tyson: When young Iron Mike terrified Jimmy Greaves with punching display mid-interview


Mike Tyson demonstrated his ability and scared England football legend Jimmy Greaves as he tried to interview him.

Greaves won the World Cup in 1966 and is still Tottenham Hotspur’s all-time leading goalscorer.

After his professional retirement, Greaves turned to broadcasting, and ended up interviewing Mike Tyson in 1987.

‘Iron’ Mike - at just 21-years-old – showed a powerful display with a flurry of ferocious punches, terrifying his interviewer in the process.

Interviewer, Greaves, was stood in the ring as he interviewed the “Baddest Man on the Planet” at the time.

With an incredible 34-0 record – 30 of those via knockout – it’s safe to say there was no denying that Tyson was an animal at the peak of his boxing career.

The video below shows the clip of Greaves interviewing Iron Mike about his favourite boxer, as well as Tyson’s boxing technique.

In response to the favourite fighter question, Tyson answers by saying: “My favourite fighter of all time – not probably the greatest - but my favourite fighter? I love Joe Louis”.

Following that, Tyson added that his opinion of the greatest fighter of all-time was Sugar Ray Robinson, saying that “he had everything”.

The next part of the interview is Greaves discussing Iron Mike’s boxing technique, and what followed was an exhibition from one of the best boxers in his prime, demonstrating what he does best.

Tyson also commentates through his own demonstration, saying: “I just punch with snap. My Shoulders and my legs bring the punches together with accuracy and precision.

“The object of the game is when I hit the punch, boom, boom, then I twist. I’m at the side where you can’t hit me” Tyson explains, as he mauls Greaves into position.


Greaves looks startled as Tyson demonstrates his technique and misses the England legend by a very small margin, with explosive hooks that would definitely hurt.

“Yeah, I get the point!” exclaims Greaves, who looks stunned after seeing Tyson’s devastating ability.

It wouldn’t be surprising to guess that Greaves didn’t stay too much longer in the boxing ring once the interview had finished, probably exiting in quick fashion.

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