Roy Keane dancing on FIFA is a video that everyone needs to see


Who doesn’t love Roy Keane?

The former hardman does punditry like he played football - no-nonsense and takes absolutely no prisoners.

He loves a good rant and hates everything about modern football.

Even the innocent act of taking a celebratory photo in the dressing room grinds his gears.

"I see players nowadays, they get a result and they're taking selfies or swapping jerseys at half-time... they're almost enjoying it too much," Keane said in an interview with Newstalk

Recently, he was furious after seeing Manchester United and Manchester City players hug after the derby.

“At the end of the game the staff and players are hugging, smiling, chatting with each other. Just get down the tunnel, I don’t get it! Everyone wants to be pals with each other, and be popular!" he said.


“You’re playing for these clubs, particularly Man United, to win football matches! Not to be mates with everybody!

“Two bookings in a derby game. I’ve never seen so many hugs and chats after the game. It’s a derby game!"

He even accused Aston Villa celebrating staying in the Premier League last season as “over the top” adding: “Imagine if they ever win anything.”


Never change, Keano.

All the above is the reason why everyone is finding a viral video of Keane dancing on FIFA so funny.

A video is doing the rounds on social media showing Keane celebrate goals on the video game with the most embarrassing and hilarious celebrations on the game. The music? Oh it's just brilliant.

Check it out:

If Keane was to see a player in real life celebrate like that, he’d burst a blood vessel. It prompted some hilarious reaction on Twitter.

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Someone really needs to show this to Keane - and his sidekick Micah Richards - on Super Sunday. Just imagine their reactions.

We all need a bit of a laugh during times like this and this video provides just that.

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