Gaming: Console scalping to be made illegal under UK law


Scalping, one of the most frustrating obstacles gamers have to overcome, could soon be made illegal in what is a welcome move by local governments.

The process of scalping, which involves buying consoles and selling them online for extortionate profit, had led to a shortage in both the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X ever since their release late last year.

A world-wide pandemic has not helped, with both Sony and Microsoft struggling to get the popular consoles in stock and therefore, failing to meet consumer demands.

Their issues, however, have not been helped by scalpers who use internet bots to skip the queue and snap up the consoles to make a quick buck, all to the disappointment of genuine gamers.

Their anger and disappointment could soon though be a thing of the past, according to the Birmingham Mail.

Douglas Chapman, MP for West Dunferlime and Fife, has sponsored a Bill which is currently in its second reading stage in the House of Commons that outlines the need for scalping to become illegal.

Chapman has been a public advocate of ensuring gaming hardware sales are fair and ensuring scalpers no longer have it all their own way.


Speaking to BBC Radio 4, Chapman said; "It's simply not in the consumer's interests to have lots of stock for in-demand, very exciting new products just being bought up en masse.

"It doesn't give the ordinary consumer fair access to the market... It's just so unfair for the ordinary person who just wants to play their game or give a gift to their child for Christmas. This situation's just going to get worse and worse."

Chapman has also outlined his feelings of injustice to Sky News, claiming the method of scalping “seems a total scam” and he has since presented the Game Hardware (Automated Purchase and Resale) Bill to the powers that be.

It is unclear whether the term ‘automated purchase’ means that the bill will only apply to bots and not just anyone buying and selling them on, but it is for sure a much-needed first step on the road to ensure thousands of gamers can enjoy the consoles they have waited so long for.

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